Why has Italy been spared mass terror attacks in recent years?

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Experts say Italy has learned harsh lessons from anti-mafia policing, understands dangers of radicalisation in jail, and also relies on surveillance and deportation

Each time Youssef Zaghba landed in Bologna, there was someone waiting for him as he got off the plane. It was no secret in Italy that the 22-year-old Moroccan-born Italian, identified as one of three terrorists behind the London Bridge attack, was under close surveillance.

“They would talk to him at the airport. Then, during his stay, police officers would come a couple of times a day to check on him,” his mother, Valeria Collina, said in an interview with the Guardian. “They were friendly to Youssef. They would say: ‘Hey son, tell me what you have been doing. What are you doing? How are you?’”

In the weeks since the attack, Zaghba’s role has shone a light on the differences between how terror suspects are handled in Italy and the UK. Upon his arrival in London, Zaghba’s mother said, he was never once stopped at the airport or interrogated, even though Italian officials had warned British counterparts that he was a threat.

  • Brett_McS

    That. And the Lambos.

  • DMB
  • Mark Matis

    My bet is that the Mafia also has something to do with the lack of attacks in Italy.

    THEY know how to protect their customers. If you pay your Mafia “taxes”, they will actually protect you! Unlike certain other thugs with guns, who merely exist to protect their Masters, protect their Brothers in Blue and generate revenue…

    • PaulW

      Good point, and quite possible. Another possibility is that the Mafia – who have made a fortune off the people smuggling from Libya – are working in tandem with the Muslims and so are perceived as doing their part for the Ummah. And therefore their “partners” see no reason to jeopardize a good arrangement by throwing terrorist attacks into the mix.

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    Maybe because Italy has “protection”?

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    Zen beats Wallander too.
    /tv references

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    It’s nothing that Italy is doing that is protecting it but instead the terrorists are not going to attack their major transit hub.
    Why hasn’t Greece been attacked?
    Same reason.
    Eventually they will both burn like Belgium and France has, and the UK will.

    • bob e

      i’m thinkin’ you be right ..