Sweden: “I am Muslim, fuck Swedes” say Arab men while assaulting disabled man; Blame Swedes for being racist

On the late evening of 10 May, a homeless man had laid himself down to sleep inside Gävle Central Station. He woke up with three Arab men standing over him, trying to steal the wallet from his pocket and taking his other possessions out of his bag. A short distance away stood an older man with another man, suffering from brain damage who was forced to walk with crutches after an accident in the past.

  • Crushslam

    I’m a Muslim – FUCK SWEDES!

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    Also: I’m a SWEDE, and if you provoke some of us from the docile slumber since the days of the vikings, guess what… FUCK MUSLIMS! That is what.

  • Bless his heart

    Islam is Islam.

    That is Islam.