Quebec now more creditworthy than Ontario

Congenital liar

Standard & Poor’s decision to boost Quebec’s credit rating last week has an important symbolic consequence for neighbouring Ontario. The move, which raised Quebec’s credit rating from A+ to AA-, means that for the first time ever, Quebec’s credit rating ranks higher than Ontario’s.

For decades, Quebec held a dubious reputation for poor fiscal management, while until the early 1990s Ontario held a reputation for successful fiscal management. So again, the recent upgrade of Quebec’s credit rating — above that held by Ontario — is a remarkable development.

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  • ontario john

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  • Cat-astrophe

    Well, I have to give Quebec credit….
    Or should I say CASH. Buckets of it, all from Alberta….but wait!
    Can Alberta keep sending cash, with the crash of oil prices and no new pipelines, like through Quebec, to market??
    The feds, willing to do anything to keep the home of their eastern empire healthy and will gladly bleed Canada dry to keep it there till the next election………..

    • xavier

      Ya know Quebec has oil if everyone there would just stop drinking the kool aid and frack we’d leave the other provinces alone and ignore Ottawa
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    Québec’s economy is far more centered on resource extraction rather than, as is the case with Ontario, manufacturing. Manufacturing is in the doldrums right now, so Québec’s current fiscal advantage is not due to brains, but to a happy ( and temporary) economic convergence.

    Ontario still taxes people much less than Québec.

  • Which brave MP will table a motion to stop equalisation payments?

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