No justice for slaves of Muslims in Brussels’ court

Belgian court finds Arab princesses guilty of trafficking and abusing servants

Eight princesses from Abu Dhabi’s ruling al-Nahyan family were each given a 15-month suspended prison sentence and fined 165,000 euros ($185,000) on Friday after a court in Belgium found them guilty of human trafficking and degrading their servants.

The incident dates back to 2008, when Princess Shekha Alnehayan and her seven daughters rented an entire floor in Brussels’ Conrad Hotel for several months and brought more than 20 servants with them.

According to the prosecution, the workers were “treated like slaves” and forced to attend to the princesses’ every wish 24 hours a day, while not being given enough food or beds to sleep in. Prosecutors said the princesses had also confiscated their passports and refused to pay their salaries.

  • What a farce.

  • Watchman

    There must be a lot of Abu Dhabi money at risk in Belgium for these ‘princesses’ to receive such ‘harsh’ sentences like this. The biggest penalty is the suspended jail sentences, because the monetary fine would be like pocket change to them.

  • ontario john

    That’s Islamophobic!! Muslims should be able to treat their slaves anyway they wish. Its part of their deep superior culture. I hope the Toronto Star points this out.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Don’t worry. In about 3 years slavery will be legal in Belgium. For Muslims. No harm no foul

  • simus1

    “treated as slaves” would be more accurate, methinks.