My submission to the National arts contest to combat hate & confront Islamophobia

I call this piece “Islamorealism”

  • Dana Garcia

    I thought art was haraam to the usual suspects.

    • Don’t draw Mo or you can’t show!

      • Dana Garcia

        Special rules for special people!

  • mobuyus

    So there ya go, 50yrs ago the united church hosted muslims in there basement now there’s a mosque right beside the church. Dollars to dog shit that church is gone in 50Yrs.

    • Less.

    • Bla Bla

      The united church is a dead man walking. They just don’t know it yet. They have diverged sooooo far into politically correct land that they are not going to be around much longer.

      • mobuyus

        They’re being absorbed by islam by osmosis. I’m smart enough to not let that happen to me.

  • Gary

    What’s so telling about islam and our media is that they refuse to show any of the corpses or blood after a brutal Jihad attack by a devout muslim ….. yet just 2 days after the Quebec City shooting in a mosque we saw the Imam announce that he opened the doors to the media and visitors to see the blood and carnage.

    Also …..Imams and islamic org’s cry about their fear for the ” backlash ” after every jihad slaughter to non-muslims . But right after that Van ran into muslims that came out of a mosque ( UK ) ……the Imam played the hero and said that he protected the driver from the backlash by a mob want to beat him up.

    The reason they fear backlash after each jihad is because THEY know that that’s what they do.
    A thief is usually the first one to accuse others of stealing.

    • They’ll be surprised when the backlash does come.

  • Bla Bla

    Man, that photo with the obvious body dragged though blood is certainly provoking. This and photos like it should be continuously shown to the public until they stop voting for islamonazi sympathizer parties (libs, yes I”m looking at you) and if that fails, then there truly is no saving Canada.

    • mobuyus

      My part of Canada is secured and guaranteed trouble free.

  • Will Mohammad be depicted with throngs of adoring children a la North Korean socialist realism?

    • mobuyus

      He will be depicted with thongs adorning children.

  • bob e

    this picture is gruesome but the accounts of what was done
    to the men & women with the knives of the jihadi’s is a trip to hell.

    • Editor

      Pretty sure you’re not supposed to talk about those barbaric atrocities. If it wasn’t on CBC, it didn’t happen.