Justin Trudeau pulls teeth of our terrorist watchdogs

At a time when it is now a veritable summer’s walk in the park for illegals to enter our country through unmanned border crossings — “Come one, come all,” invites our prime minister — the Trudeau Liberals are taking the teeth out of our security watchdogs.

They claim the reverse is true, of course, but it’s not.

What the sweeping new security legislation tabled this week does, in fact, is limit the supposedly rule-bending powers allowed by the previous Stephen Harper government that permitted Canada’s spy and protection agencies to proactively massage boundaries to disrupt terrorist plots while still in their infancy.

But what does one expect from a soft-bellied progressive government that refuses to negate the Canadian citizenship of dual-nationals born elsewhere who are convicted of terrorism?

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile little dickhead was in Toronto yesterday preparing ramadan food baskets at a muslim center. The same day that the young man killed by ISIS was being buried a couple of hours away. And the media doesn’t seem interested in the National Post story that he is selling Canada out to China. Its a good thing everyone in Canada loves little Justin.

    • Correction: it’s a good thing that the media loves him.

      This guy is f—ed.

  • Old Guy

    Let be crystal clear about these changes. The Liberals have put lives at risk.

    Former spy chief says Canada should be careful about scaling back C-51 after Manchester attack

    • John Boy

      It is a necessary step if the Fifth Columnists Justin and his Liberal colleagues have brought into Canada are to do their jobs of dismantling this country to be a vassal state of the new Global Caliphate.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Your photo shows Trudeau reciting the Shahada in a Mosque with at least a dozen members of the congregation as witnesses. Only two witnesses were needed to verify his conversion to Islam.
    Trudeau is now an avowed enemy of all infidels- non Muslims – you and me and our families and friends.
    He is an existential enemy of Canada and most Canadians and everything Canadian.

    He must be stopped in his tracks NOW before he can wreak any more harm to our country than the 35,000 improperly vetted fellow Muslims to whom he has already given carte blanche and the further destruction of our homeland protection agencies.

  • mobuyus

    When the wolf is at the door the first thing liberals think of is defanging the guard dog.