Identitarian movement – Germany’s ‘new right’ hipsters

A small but dramatic demonstration stopped tourists in their tracks at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in late August 2015: a group of young protesters clambered atop the famous monument and unfurled a black banner with the words “Secure Borders Secure Future.” These were activists from the Identitarian Movement (IB), a reactionary youth movement on the rise across Europe.

It was a watershed moment for the IB in Germany. Much of their campaign until that point had been waged on social media and online forums. This was their biggest public splash – and it worked. Images of the activists atop the Brandenburg Gate rippled across German media, thrusting the Identitarians into the spotlight.

  • Brett_McS

    The complacent baby boomers – most of whom have never known hardship of any kind – have left this coming generation with a whole bunch of unsolved problems. It may or may not be a literal war coming, but it is going to put them through the ringer.

  • David Murrell

    Since the left hold all the power, in political and cultural areas, small demos like this are Important. The right has to fight an underground, guerrilla warfare..