Free speech under fire after Finsbury

Finsbury Mosque transportation related incident .

So, after the arrest of Darren Osborne, the man who drove a van into a group of Muslims outside Finsbury Park Mosque on Sunday night, the police have now made a second arrest.

For what, you may ask? After all, the police said they believed Osborne acted alone. Have they now found he had an accomplice, someone who helped organise the attack, or played a role in radicalising/lobotomising Osborne? Not exactly. Thirty-seven-year-old Richard Evans, the second man to be arrested in relation to the attack, did have a familial connection to events on Sunday – he is the son of the owner of Pontyclun Van Hire, which leased the van to Osborne on Saturday. But Evans was not arrested for any practical involvement, unwitting or otherwise, in Sunday’s attack. He was arrested for saying something on Facebook. Or better still, he was arrested for mouthing off on Facebook.