Conrad Black: Palestinian terror and Israel boycotts aren’t a form of ‘dissent.’ They’re just evil and stupid

A boycott of Israel is an evil and stupid enterprise, and those who promote it, such as the United Church of Canada and William Kaplan, should be ashamed of themselves, and eventually will be

  • deplorabledave

    “Kaplan rebounded admirably with his severe but justified attack on the draconian dumb-on-crime, jail ‘em all judicial severity, and hair-shirted know-nothingism of the Harper government. Its expansion of prisons, extensions of sentences, and discouragement of any assistance to reintegrate non-violent convicts was an abomination. It rolled back all federal government assistance to culture, environmental research and science. Apart from being retrograde in itself in terms of the national interest, it was unutterably stupid politically. A lesson that has been demonstrated many times, most convincingly by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and by Charles de Gaulle through his nomination of Andre Malraux as minister of culture, is that cultural and entertainment and scientific figures respond very positively and eagerly to patronage from a friendly regime. (Of course it helps if the cast of public policy and the personality of the leader induce spontaneous adherence.) These are groups that are unusually susceptible to the attention of the people in power, are very useful to the country, are voters who can easily be bought, and are very politically influential. Harper, with the same obtuseness that deprived him of any loyalty to (or from) anyone, any human regard for his cabinet or caucus, any light touch with parliament, did not heed this lesson. Whatever may be said of the Trudeaus, Brian Mulroney or Jean Chrétien, they remembered their friends, had a sense of humour, and in each case, have been a delight at dinner or in an informal conversation. Even Mackenzie King, prime minister for 22 years, though no barrel of conviviality, at least ladled out the official patronage, verbally and tangibly, to the cultural and academic elites.”

    I guess I’m just obtuse but I find that paragraph very disappointing.

    • Waffle

      I think his father, who I knew, is rolling over in his grave.

    • Observer

      I don’t think William Kaplan is worthy of any mention, even to criticize his propaganda.

  • Shebel

    OK Palestine .
    You are FREE.

    Now What?

    • Observer

      Just as long as they are not free of yearly multi-billion dollar handouts, in their thinking.

      They are terrorist regimes looking to extort the world for money.

      • Shebel

        So Freedom for a Palestinian—– means being a ‘beggar’ ?
        Threatening to kill anyone that does not provide them with money and sustenance so that they can continue to exist?

        That is a Freedom that you will never have–
        You overrate Yourselves.

        Why would anyone care if you disappeared?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Israel has faced boycotts from Day One, when its main export was oranges. The purpose of BDS is political, not economic, as the effects are minimal. Recognizing this, 21 U.S. states so far have enacted anti-BDS laws.

  • Shebel

    We need some music—-