Burqa-clad Adelaide woman, 22, charged with supporting terrorism was ‘mentored’ by female jihadis in Somalia and is ‘a grave risk of carrying out an attack’

A Somali-born Adelaide woman charged with supporting terrorism was ‘mentored’ by female jihadis and will escalate her plot to carry out a real-world attack if not kept in custody, prosecutors say.

The 22-year-old, who came to Australia aged 14 and who now has citizenship, was arrested in May after police alleged she formed relationships with Islamic State members online and joined the extremist group.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But why is there no mention of the upside, all the cultural diversity that has enriched Australia so much?

    If they are going to mention that she was “Somali-born” they should talk about all the great things that Somalis have brought to Australia!

    • k1962

      Can you please name a few, you know, so we can support your argument?

      • jayme

        FGM? Burkhas? Female-only swim hours complete with privacy curtains? Fashionable and comfortable all-day pajamas for men?

      • Observer

        Like drug-resistant tuberculosis!

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Gang violence, having children that you could never afford to care for, and multi-generational welfare dependency.
        That’s only a few, you racialist racist!

      • Liberal Progressive

        Because it makes us feel so good to know we aren’t racists.

      • k1962

        Thanks to all for all of your replies. I forgot about all that good stuff! So much for the pro argument, any cons :/

  • mobuyus

    The picture shows a good example of what an Australian welfare bum looks like.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    I’m awaiting a tweet from Justin Mohamed Trudeau welcoming this alienated and misunderstood woman to move to Canada, join the LPC, and perhaps consider a career as a Liberal M.P.

  • k1962

    Taking them as immigrants is not worth the risk.

  • Justin St.Denis

    How do you do what you do to me?
    I wish I knew!
    If I knew how you do it to me,
    I’d do it to you.

    Now I’ve seen your YouTube videos
    More than a few
    We took notes, now we’re ready to do
    All those same things to you!

    There goes one jihadi head
    Here’s another
    Rolling to it.
    Yes we got all our moves
    From Achmed
    And Achmed showed us how you all do it!

    (Freddie & the Dreamers 2018 Reunion Tour Live Recording)

  • Blacksmith

    Ship her off to Somalia, one way.