Trinity College in Connecticut Closed After Prof Posts Threats to GOP Online

Trinity College closed for the day early Wednesday afternoon and will remain closed until further notice in response to threatening statements made on social media by a staff professor.

  • Money talks.

    This will cost the college lots of money. Maybe the college will re-evaluate how all of their liberal, PC, BS, victimization, race bating, effects the bottom line.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Colleges need to be closed until their staffs, both administrative and professorial, are purged of those who will not properly educate their students.

  • Ego

    Is that guy still on the payroll, and still free?
    Because what he wrote seems to be incitement to terrorism/murder.
    And that’s what a lot of people would scream if the message had said e.g. “BLM” instead of “white.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why close. Send everyone to Trinity to ‘ask’ him to clarify. Oh well I guess we should go to his house.

  • simus1

    Connecticut is a crazy place where the progeny of the filthy rich play at being commie social warriors.

    • Sorta like upstate New Jersey. Or “upstate” anywhere for that matter.