Trashing Trump and the ‘I’m a Genius’ Press

It’s been six months since Trump’s inauguration, and I admit I’m still trying to understand him. I eventually came around to the notion that the sort of core principle of Trump is that he is a salesman, the sort of hard-driven, manipulative, Always Be Closing salesman that David Mamet captured so vividly in Glengarry Glen Ross, as I wrote in “What’s Trump’s Deal?” To summarize, I basically think that what we should always expect of Trump is that the particular deal he’s trying to close will always be the first thing on his mind, that he will exaggerate right up to the edge of any facts, and that he honestly doesn’t worry about being consistent because being consistent frankly doesn’t much help to close the deal.

  • deplorabledave

    From comments at the link;

    “Trump merely gives voice to those of us who won’t believe the lies–sign their names on the front of the checks instead of the back, and want the Freedom God gave us to be protected by our government instead of attacked by the politician’s Gummint.”

    “sign their names on the front of the checks instead of the back,”


  • simus1

    “Journalists” got their start as sleazy pamphleteers for hire to the crooks of the day after mechanical printing arrived on the scene. They are Just returning to their roots.