Tommy Robinson suing Cambridgeshire police for harassing his family

  • canminuteman

    Fat lot of good it will do him. The cops are probably being assholes because the courts told them to be.

    • It does seem political.

    • Watchman

      It would make an interesting defence in court, even if it is a Nuremberg excuse, “Guv, I was only following my orders. The bigwigs wanted Tommy harassed since they said there was enough trouble with the muzzies and they didn’t want civil war if the whites woke up until after they was well retired.”

      • Blind Druid

        BAZINGA !

  • BillyHW

    The UK police do seem to be a bunch of twats, don’t they?

    • Blind Druid

      They were arseholes back in the 1960’s when I lived there. They hated us “freaks” long haired peace hippies. We threatened their self entitled power trip with our churlish resistance. How dare we. Glad I left. Problem is, the new crop of long hairs are becoming a real pain in the arse. Antifa.

      • Doesn’t the second part of your comment explain the problems you had in the first?

  • vwVwwVwv

    Tommy is not thee tallest of man but he casts the shadow of a mountain and gathers people from all corners of the world.
    May god bless him.