Leftist Atlantic Mag Admits: ‘Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration’

And they still miss the mark on a solution…

  • JoKeR

    In the old days they used to vet the refugees at Ellis Island.

    Now because of the nature of the “refugees” perhaps the Americans can ask us Canadians to use a bigger place to house them until they are vetted: Ellesmere Island.

    • Observer

      Just a place for them to chill.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And we should do absolutely nothing to correct them. Soon California democrats will demand we allow dead people, illegal aliens and pets to run for office and we must allow them to go that far down the crazy hole.

    • JoKeR


      How dare you discriminate. Dead people are people too. You are only against them because they were one of the largest voting blocks for the Democrats! 🙂

  • Dana Garcia

    Immigrants want big government which is the Democrat main belief, while the majority of Americans still want less government despite the decades of cultural dilution supported by the left.