‘I would not wish this on any mother’: Procession carries Canadian killed by ISIL

NIAGARA FALLS — Since the day she found out her son had been killed in Syria, Tina Martino wanted one thing: to bury him at home in Niagara Falls. She got her wish on Wednesday, but it was a long, hard wait.

The ISIL extremists who killed her son, Nazzareno Tassone, on Dec. 21 not only posted photos of him on the Internet, they also kept his body like a trophy while Martino sat at home, helpless and heartbroken.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile a Toronto Star writer states today that white people in Canada cause Islamophobia. And there are too many white people in the media, which causes a negative view of muslims and blacks in the country.

    • Canadian Born

      Is the Star writer a black person or a Muslim, doing the story?

      • Minicapt

        In his/her heart, he/she is black …


  • ontario john

    Well, I’m sure we won’t see feminist Trudeau at the funeral. It would upset his muslim buddies.

  • k1962

    Isis and it’s supporters are not human. They have no soul.

  • Remember – the first election promise Trudeau kept was to run from the fight against ISIS child rapists as soon as possible.