Hasbro CEO: ‘We Eliminated Gender’ for Our Toys

Unlike Mattel and Lego, Hasbro hadn’t caved to modern sensibilities by separating its business units by gender. But suddenly, the third biggest toy and board game company, whose brands include Star Wars, My Little Pony and G.I. Joe, considers gender a very dirty word.

  • mobuyus

    GI Joe never survived my pellet rifle tough as he was.

    • I always preferred little green army men.

      • mobuyus

        I had block buster fire crackers for them. The little green army men were hard to find after I got through with them.

  • Editor

    What! No trans toys awareness? I’m offended.

  • Ego

    Great. Advent of the lizard people. Not recognizably human, but very inclusive. Soon they’ll accommodate everything including amoebas.

  • xavier

    A hell just leave us alone and let the boys play with their gijoes and star wars action figures in peace

  • Dave

    The ultimate PC toy: a brown(ish) doll with a cock and dd tits wearing a Burka while sitting in a wheelchair. What more could a kid(either gender) want? Especially if it comes with a lame and blind pony.
    I’m sure glad all my toys use gun powder and/or gasoline.

  • Jabberwokk

    Just so you all are reminded about how it’s suppose to be.


  • Hard Little Machine

    No more pink and Hello Kitty AR-15’s.