Germany vs. Twitter

Hamburg, Germany — Heiko Maas may be about to learn where the road being paved with his good intentions will lead. A Social Democrat and the current federal justice minister, he has announced ambitious plans to rid the internet of abusive and offensive language. His plans have incited concern in the German offices of Twitter and Facebook and may ensure that he goes into history books as the politician who brought the curtain down on free speech on social media in Germany.

  • ontario john

    Gee, Germany clamping down on free speech. That’s never happened before. Will they be forcing other European nations to do the same thing? They can always threaten them with invasion.

    • Marius K

      Someone should advise the Germans that US has that concept ‘three strikes and you are out’ .

    • Watchman

      Why would they threaten? The EU is the new Fourth Reich, and just needs a few more legislative changes and an EU-loyal military to enforce its will over recusant elements such as Poland and Hungary. Britain is wiggling free, just like it wiggled free from the Third Reich in 1940.