Continental Breakfast

Third in a series: “Adding Carlsberg to the back bacon.”

Hungarians Declare: ‘Central Europe Stands United Against Mass Illegal Migration’

An alliance of Central European countries led by Hungary has pledged to work together to stem the flow of illegal migrants into Europe at a meeting in Prague.

Delegations to the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC) group from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic were, according to a report on the Hungarian government’s official website, “united against mass illegal migration”.

VIDEO: Saying ‘Radical Islam’ is ‘definitely wrong,’ students say

Last month’s terror attacks in London killed dozens and renewed the debate over the use of the term “Radical Islam.”

Proponents of the phrase, including President Donald Trump, say it’s important that we accurately label the root cause of these attacks if we are ever to prevent them in the future, while opponents contend that the term simply exacerbates the problem of terrorism, and offends more people than it helps.

The Leftist News Media, Unmasked

If there’s anything that the most recent presidential campaign and its aftermath have made crystal clear, it’s that the major news media in America are teeming with leftists who overtly and covertly promote leftist worldviews and agendas. Andrea Mitchell, who has been the chief foreign-affairs correspondent at NBC News since 1994, is emblematic of the media’s pitiful devolution into nothing more than a propaganda mill.

The Department of Justice is Privileging Mosques

The Department of Justice has become an advocate for the establishment of mosques in America. It is as if there were some congressional affirmative action mandate. The DOJ’s own statistics reveal a sharp escalation in intervention efforts on behalf of Islamic complainants, mostly involving mosque disputes with local zoning authorities. Alarmingly, these interventions reveal a pattern of generous settlements that benefit mosques while bypassing municipal laws and disregarding legitimate neighborhood concerns.

Next up: a special counsel to probe Team Obama’s obstruction of justice

By using fired FBI Director James Comey to attack the new Republican administration, Democrats have opened up a legal can of worms for the Obama administration.

Under sworn questioning, Comey has veered off the topic of President Trump and Russia and revealed several damning incidents in which his predecessor’s administration politically interfered in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. And now the Senate will investigate Team Obama for obstruction of justice.

A UN survey expects the world population to boom to 8 billion by 2023

The world’s population will hit a historic milestone in 2023, surpassing the 8 billion population mark, according to the latest findings from the United Nations population survey published on Wednesday. In addition, it’s anticipated that more than half of the global population growth by 2050 will originate from sub-Saharan Africa, where fertility rates will measure higher than anywhere else in the world.

Father of Confederation’s name stripped from Prime Minister’s Office building

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined indigenous leaders across from Parliament Hill on a sun-drenched Wednesday and said the building housing his office will no longer bear the name of Hector-Louis Langevin, a father of Confederation and an architect of the residential school system.

Trudeau first announced that National Aboriginal Day will henceforth be referred to as National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Then, standing outside 100 Wellington St. — the former U.S. embassy set to become a designated space for First Nations, Inuit and Metis people by 2023 — Trudeau pointed at the former Langevin Block a stone’s throw down the street.

Church of Sweden’s First Lesbian Bishop Wants to Remove Crosses, Add Muslim Prayer Spaces To Church

Eva Brunne is considered a trailblazer in her home country. As the first lesbian bishop in the Church of Sweden, she established her groundbreaking credentials, whether you agree with the move or not. Brunne apparently isn’t content to just be the first lesbian bishop. Oh no, she wants to transform the church.

No, not in a good way.



  • Justin St.Denis

    Personally, I don’t think women should be allowed to preach. 😉

    Seriously, though. Women can preach all they want. Said women preachers can choose not to notice their congregation’s size dwindling downwards. Break a leg, darlings. You are bound to fail.

    Women “preaching” is almost an impossible scenario to imagine without that preaching crossing the line into a harangue and, finally, outright nagging. Hence the dwindling congregation sizes…..

    It has happened everywhere, regardless of denomination. Do the research.

    I wonder what BillyHW’s take is on this one.

    • ontario john

      The fast shrinking liberal mainline churches, have a large number of female ministers who spend their time ranting about global warming, cooperating with islam, promoting homosexuality, whiny indian rights, and socialism.

    • BillyHW

      God said in the bible that women should stay silent in church and keep out of the voting booths.

      • Frances

        Stay silent – yes; voting booths – cite me chapter and verse.

    • DMB
  • k2

    How angry it must make George Soros that the country spear-heading European resistance to his Islamic invasion is … Hungary. And it’s also encouraging to see Austria making signs of joining with the Visegard nations in opposition to the conquest of their nations and culture. So central Europe appears to be far from lost at this point and add to that Switzerland – perhaps because of its unique democracy that reigns in the power of government – and possibly Portugal too which has, for whatever reasons, an extremely low percentage of Muslims, and there is a hard core of resistance forming. A little bit of good news on a Thursday morning.

    Incidentally, I suspect that one hundred years from now, Victor Orban may well be considered by historians as a towering, influential figure, on a par with someone like Churchill. Just a suspicion.

  • PaulW

    “The majority of world population growth is attributable to a small number of countries, including India, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Ethiopia, the United Republic of Tanzania, U.S., Uganda, and Indonesia.”

    The African countries in the list cannot come close to feeding their own populations even as they currently stand – many of their children are starving (so what do they do? Have more of them, of course. Makes sense.) But someone will have to feed, clothe and house all those new citizens of the world and I think it’s fairly obvious who will be doing it. Africa is already pouring its excess into Europe and, to a lesser extent, North America, and the pace will only increase over the course of the next few decades.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Trump is proposing a five-year residency requirement before an immigrant qualifies for welfare.

      • shasta

        Would be better to deny welfare, and all other government goodies to non citizens.

      • Frances

        There’s a similar requirement in Canada for sponsored immigrants; the sponsoring person is financially responsible for the sponsored person for about 5 – 10 years. A batch of sponsors went to court to have the requirement overturned as being too onerous. Fortunately, the court had a fit of sanity and ruled against them, saying that it was their responsibility, not that of other taxpayers.

    • shasta

      They need tough love – leave them alone; stop sending food, clothing, medicine, money, and other goods; the population would soon return to historical, sustainable levels. — Oh, and don’t let them emigrate.

  • canminuteman

    The residential school system was the best thing that ever happened to the Indians. Without it, they would still be living in the stone age. Nothing is stopping any native from returning to the stone age if they choose, and I don’t see them lining up to give up their guns, and snowmobiles and return to a life of living in igloos and hunting cariboo with sharpened sticks.

    • andycanuck

      And for some strange reason the MSM of the time decided not to report on all the people who praised their time at the residential schools.

      • Frances

        Of course not; that would destroy the narrative. Was privileged to hear Rev. Margaret Waterchief speak of her time at the school. She said she was encouraged to pursue her studies by her (white) teachers, and it was only when she started taking the school bus to the nearest town that she experienced racism. She also said alcohol was a much greater factor than the schools; her father, an abstainer, was a successful farmer.

  • ontario john

    The Toronto Star reminds us this morning, with multiple stories that Canadians are racist bastards. But I think the most important story this week, is at the National Post, where it has a story on how feminist Trudeau is selling us out to the Chinese. Yes, the media rants constantly about Trump and fake collusion stories, but the media is avoiding how Trudeau is busy giving China everything it wants behind closed doors.

  • jayme

    This photo was making the rounds on Twitter yesterday – it’s just begging for a caption contest. Here’s my try: “Since I was a little boy, I’ve always known that I was great. Mommy and Daddy told me so!”

  • tom_billesley

    Number of people who were living as illegal sub-tenants in Grenfell Tower expected to soar into thousands.
    Mayor of London Sadiq Khan backs amnesty on illegal immigrants who lived in Grenfell Tower at time of fire

  • Hard Little Machine

    Lesbian Muslim Bishops? I like it.

  • Clink9

    You guys need to up the low rent breakfast game. Reminds me of camping in the 70’s as a teenager.

    • Tuesday was the ingredients.
      Wednesday was adding beer to eggs.
      Today was adding beer to back bacon.

      We have a couple other ingredients to prepare and then you’ll see the result. I had to take a break from ‘breakfast on a plate’, the repetition is driving me mad. Well, madder.