Killer on a stretcher: Moment shocked hospital staff realised they were treating Muslim terrorist Khalid Masood

The moment that blood-soaked Westminster Bridge terrorist Khalid Masood was wheeled into hospital after killing five innocent victims has been shown for the first time.

Masood was the first person to be wheeled into St Mary’s Hospital, in Paddington, after he carried out the atrocity.

Footage from BBC show Hospital, which follows some of the victims from the terror attack, shows hospital staff rushing to try to save the terrorist.

  • Gary

    Hmmm, so when a muslim goes jihad and lives while bleeding to death he is rush to a Hospital as a human needing care….but according to the Imam at the Mosque when that van plowed into several muslims he had to protect the driver from the mob that wanted to kill him as revenge which is sanctioned in the quran.

    But it’s a religion of peace where muhammad never harmed anyone and acted out of anger for revenge.
    Later I’ll post the tale about the 3 bears and the porridge .

  • Dave

    MOOSLIMS First. Always first in our multicultural societies.

    I’m so bloody pissed at our “leaders” who turn their backs on the people of the countries they lead.

    Why must white countries be multicultural, when you don’t see Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or Qatar who fund lots of mosques in our countries, permitting even a single church?

    • disqusW6sf

      It’s one way multiculturalism for us.

    • Manual Paleologos

      No. The nearest ones first, and the most severe wounds first. This is the case in every medical establishment in the Civilized World.