University Guidebook Claims ‘Meritocracy’ is a Microaggression

Could someone on the left publish a guidebook listing all the things that aren’t a microaggression?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Technically that is correct. The real question is, is that bad? Is irritating people by highlighting success a bad thing? Or is it a motivator to do better while rewarding people who do.

    Maybe in the future the federal government will award construction contracts based on feelings not on skill or competence. And after that building or dam collapses and kills 2,000 people we can talk about those feelings. But that day is not today.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You are so open and responsive to the feelings of others! Perhaps you should run a liberal accounting firm! Or a microbiology lab! Or maybe a nuclear generating station! You got the feelies, lad! 😉

  • vimy

    Guide books and lists are microaggressions

    • Watchman

      Asking for evidence of a microaggression is itself a microaggression.

  • Watchman

    Progressive Dictionary:
    Privilege: Something you acknowledge you’re done wrong, or one of your ancestors once did that was wrong, leading to unearned rewards. This can only be countered by mandatory equal outcomes that are completely independent of intelligence, learning, skill, or diligence.
    Microagression: Something someone else believes you’ve done wrong but believes you are either too stupid or deliberately refusing to acknowledge that wrong. Only the complainer can detect this wrong as it is otherwise too well hidden for anyone else to see but themselves. Again, his can only be countered by mandatory equal outcomes for the complainer that are completely independent of intelligence, learning, skill, or diligence.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Are you citing the 2017 edition of the Progressive Dictionary? It is not yet available for sale here in Canada. Where did you get it? My old 2016 edition is hopelessly dated. Is “niggardly” still listed as an “English Word To Avoid Using At All Costs”? I am so envious of you………

  • Ed

    “Micro aggression” is lefty jargon that actually means “I want way way!” The underlying purpose of asserting a “micro aggression” has occurred is to give the accuser the power to decide what should be. Evidently, “meritocracy” is bad, meaning that stupid underperforming people should get ahead nonetheless.

    FUCK EM!

    • occupant 9

      Well, one of those “stupid underperforming people” is Prime Minister Treason, so “Canada” is well on it’s way on the road to oblivion.

  • QiPo

    Inhaling is macroagression, even more potent than a micro aggression. Liberal college and university profs need to know that the cure is simple: never fall victim to the trap of inhaling again. Poof! Problem solved.

  • WalterBannon

    Voting Liberal is a Microaggression

    All liberals should be put in prison at once.

    • Clausewitz

      Voting Liberal is more of a Macro aggression, just saying.