How Hamza bin Laden, Osama’s son, is helping Al-Qaeda stage a deadly comeback

Al Qaeda has stepped out of the shadow of the Islamic State (ISIS), promoting its brand of terror with a new leader and a comprehensive list of attack priorities.

Hamza Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden’s son and heir, released a 10-minute video called, “Advice for Martyrdom-Seekers in the West,” on May 14 at an opportune time for Al Qaeda after months of media coverage of the ever-shrinking ISIS hold in Syria and Iraq.

Whether the video catalyzed attacks in Manchester or London is unknown, but it’s expected to ratchet up the frequency of so-called lone wolf or inspired attacks in the West in coming weeks. Understanding this video and analyzing Hamza’s messages are key to countering the threats coming from the Al Qaeda, particularly at a time when Al Qaeda has been rebranding itself and widening its network among Salafist jihadi rings.

  • Alain

    The stupidity or rather misdirection never ends. It does not matter if they call themselves Al Qaeda, Hizbollah, Hamas, ISIS or anything else, it all comes back to the same thing: Islam.

  • Dave

    Stupid inbreds, they don’t even have good trigger discipline!

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      They never have good trigger discipline and they have horrible friendly fire accidents because of it.
      We killed one of his sons by SEAL team members calling out his name during a firefight inside the bin Laden compound.
      He stopped firing, stuck his head out, and we blew it off.

  • mobuyus

    Killing terrorist’s spawn is going to be a feature of the future.

  • BillyHW

    Why didn’t we kill his entire extended family after 9/11?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      No kidding, but I think we greased two of his sons already and some other random relatives that had jihad in their blood with drones over the last 15-years or so, so it’s not like we haven’t put in any effort, but I agree, we should have fed his entire blood-line (extra wives, all siblings, all cousins, cute kids and all) into wood chippers before the end of September 2001, along with all 19-hijackers families, including their parents.
      It sets a good example.