Giving Terrorists a Heads-up

A proposed law would force the NYPD to publicize the details of its surveillance technology.

A bill in New York’s city council would require the New York Police Department to reveal crucial details about every surveillance technology that the department uses to detect terrorism and crime. Ninety days before the NYPD intends to implement a new surveillance technology, it would have to post on the Internet a technical description of how the new tool works, and how the department plans to use it. The public would have 45 days to comment on the proposed technology; the police commissioner would then have 45 days to respond to the public comments before he could actually start using the new capacity. Existing technologies would also have to be retroactively submitted to public review.

  • Clausewitz

    This is what you get when you have a Sandinista as the mayor.

  • Shebel

    If , I was a Cop
    I would just put in my Time.

  • Gary

    This is like the TPSB that now has a rule for Cops to alert a Mosque 24 hour ahead of any visits even if it’s related to an investigation or crime.

    basically , they can move the illegals they are harbouring and put away the pro-jihad book and bomb making flyers for the youths .
    i really get sick of this faith that brain washing the follower that THEY are the master race destine to rule the Earth.

    Without non-muslim inventions the 56 OIC’s would look like the 10th century Afghanistan of today.

  • David Murrell

    The NYC city council — like their big media supporters — are on the side of organized drug crime and Islamic war criminals.

  • K1

    The problem with multiculturalism is…
    Security does NOT know which ethnic group to take it’s directions from as….
    any position the State takes is…
    going to anger any one of a number of different groups
    Always have ONE ETHNIC GROUP as the majority stake holder in a country or…
    you get endless arguments on what direction the country should go…
    and…!!!!…. in matters of security…. often there is no time to quibble!
    much easier to accept narrative busting and new direction warnings from your own ethnic group than it is from another ethnic group
    idealism is nice IF it works
    idealism not working is….dangerous

  • K1

    The responsibility of Western Elites should be to admit…
    =stop ALL immigration NOW