Demand a female doctor because you’re Mohammedan? No Problem.

Video shows woman demand a ‘white doctor’ treat son at Mississauga, Ont., clinic

Note that the woman visited a local clinic and not a hospital in Mississauga, a very vibrant and diverse municipality, she has a sick kid whom she feels is not being looked after by Ontario’s health system so a degree of compassion can be extended. Many of us have been there and done that making her anger and frustration understandable.  After a trip to emergency at a Mississauga hospital I had to discreetly ask a physician’s aide to repeat medication instructions on behalf of my mother after she suffered a coronary “event” as the attending nurse spoke in such heavily accented English and in such rapid fire cadence I was unable to understand her.

While crudely and unfortunately put the woman in this video was only asking for cultural accommodation,  Canada’s healthcare system goes out of its way to accommodate other cultures,  including requests for female only doctors for Muslim women, so isn’t this a case of discrimination for some but not for others? Recall this case of discrimination in Ontario:  A couple is facing a $750 hospital bill after they had to leave a ward in Kingston General Hospital’s maternity ward because a Muslim woman was breastfeeding her newborn.

More on “cultural accommodation” in Canadian healthcare:

Less black-and-white, perhaps, is the patient asking for a doctor of a particular sex or, less commonly, of a specific race. On the surface, at least, the idea is a repudiation of fundamental human-rights principles, yet for some patients it could be a religious imperative or a fallout from past abuse.

Some hospitals say they will try as much as possible to provide a female doctor for Muslim women, for instance, when asked. In Montreal, about half the obstetrician-gynecologists are women, so supplying a female one is usually quite feasible, said Togas Tulandi, interim head of the McGill University medical school’s obstetrics and gynecology department.

More troublesome, say ethicists and physicians, are patients who insist they not be treated by a doctor or nurse of a certain race — typically Caucasians rejecting non-white workers in today’s multi-hued medical workforce — or want one of their own colour.

Now I’m just spit-balling here but why do I suspect that minority group’s demands to be treated by physicians of their own colour, ethnic or religious background might be under reported? Say in the same way Quebec physician’s once performed virginity tests or Canadian doctor’s accommodation of “reinfibulation”: Canadian doctors performing vaginal surgery banned in Britain.  

There’s a lot of “cultural accommodation” that is allowed to fly under the radar by our cowardly politicians and MSM, like the Syrian “refugee” who got off with a two minute penalty for beating his wife with a hockey stick   or the Syrian “Children” beating up Canadian kids in schools. I’m still waiting to hear why Canada has not had a single prosecution for FGM that I am aware of, evidently we are under cover of a protective dome of diversity that shields young girls from this barbaric practice.

Still I suppose it must be racist, after all Justin says we have no founding core identity so this 2nd class Caucasian woman is obviously ignorant to the fact she has no right to cultural accommodation. That’s how diversity and multiculturalism work in Canada, it’s always a one-way street.