Demand a female doctor because you’re Mohammedan? No Problem.

Video shows woman demand a ‘white doctor’ treat son at Mississauga, Ont., clinic

Note that the woman visited a local clinic and not a hospital in Mississauga, a very vibrant and diverse municipality, she has a sick kid whom she feels is not being looked after by Ontario’s health system so a degree of compassion can be extended. Many of us have been there and done that making her anger and frustration understandable.  After a trip to emergency at a Mississauga hospital I had to discreetly ask a physician’s aide to repeat medication instructions on behalf of my mother after she suffered a coronary “event” as the attending nurse spoke in such heavily accented English and in such rapid fire cadence I was unable to understand her.

While crudely and unfortunately put the woman in this video was only asking for cultural accommodation,  Canada’s healthcare system goes out of its way to accommodate other cultures,  including requests for female only doctors for Muslim women, so isn’t this a case of discrimination for some but not for others? Recall this case of discrimination in Ontario:  A couple is facing a $750 hospital bill after they had to leave a ward in Kingston General Hospital’s maternity ward because a Muslim woman was breastfeeding her newborn.

More on “cultural accommodation” in Canadian healthcare:

Less black-and-white, perhaps, is the patient asking for a doctor of a particular sex or, less commonly, of a specific race. On the surface, at least, the idea is a repudiation of fundamental human-rights principles, yet for some patients it could be a religious imperative or a fallout from past abuse.

Some hospitals say they will try as much as possible to provide a female doctor for Muslim women, for instance, when asked. In Montreal, about half the obstetrician-gynecologists are women, so supplying a female one is usually quite feasible, said Togas Tulandi, interim head of the McGill University medical school’s obstetrics and gynecology department.

More troublesome, say ethicists and physicians, are patients who insist they not be treated by a doctor or nurse of a certain race — typically Caucasians rejecting non-white workers in today’s multi-hued medical workforce — or want one of their own colour.

Now I’m just spit-balling here but why do I suspect that minority group’s demands to be treated by physicians of their own colour, ethnic or religious background might be under reported? Say in the same way Quebec physician’s once performed virginity tests or Canadian doctor’s accommodation of “reinfibulation”: Canadian doctors performing vaginal surgery banned in Britain.  

There’s a lot of “cultural accommodation” that is allowed to fly under the radar by our cowardly politicians and MSM, like the Syrian “refugee” who got off with a two minute penalty for beating his wife with a hockey stick   or the Syrian “Children” beating up Canadian kids in schools. I’m still waiting to hear why Canada has not had a single prosecution for FGM that I am aware of, evidently we are under cover of a protective dome of diversity that shields young girls from this barbaric practice.

Still I suppose it must be racist, after all Justin says we have no founding core identity so this 2nd class Caucasian woman is obviously ignorant to the fact she has no right to cultural accommodation. That’s how diversity and multiculturalism work in Canada, it’s always a one-way street.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    How do you know that your ‘doctor of color’ isn’t a diversity hire?
    You won’t.
    Go make your social statement on some other patient.

    • There have been some real horror stories out of Britain on the qualifications of immigrant doctors.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Our requirements for doctors are much stricter than the U.K. typically is, although if you legitimately graduated from a real medical school in England, you would have little trouble getting certified here, but you couldn’t just hop on a plane from London and start practicing medicine when you land.
        Most medical degrees from other parts of the non-English speaking world (outside of northwestern Europe) are a joke, and they generally are not allowed to practice over here unless they are willing to be throughly retrained, and the dumb ones can’t do it.
        The U.K. has so lowered their standards that they will allow these quacks in to practice medicine, and some of them don’t even speak English.
        A bad doctor in their mind is not as bad as no doctor at all.

  • PaulW

    At least BLM is fairly open in their hatred and contempt of whites – there is a kind of refreshing honesty to this, if nothing else. People like JT and the globalist forces that he represents, trumpet the wonders of multiculturalism, but despite their pathetic posturing, they also do not believe that all cultures and races of humans are equal: they clearly consider whites to be inferior and want them to just disappear (that is, die), and the sooner, the better. I wish that they would at least be honest about their hatred of whites, and of Western civilization in general (something largely created by those horrible white folks).

    • I give BLM props for their openness.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Hopefully, those points you give BLM for its honesty are offset by the points you deduct for their violence and racist hatred.

        • Of course;)

        • canminuteman

          No, I don’t. I have racist hatred as well. If someone professes to hating me I have no problem with hating them back.

          I have black, brown and yellow friends and acquaintances, but I, like everyone else on the planet who is honest and not retarded prejudges them until you get to know them better. It’s a common survival strategy.

  • Liberal Progressive

    That woman should be charged by the Human Rights Commission for being a racist.

    When Muslims demand a particular caregiver it isn’t racism or sexism it is part of their religion and we must make all the demanded compromises unless we are racists. I know because the media and our leaders keep on telling me so.

  • Meowhiss

    I prefer not to use an affirmative action doctor; if that is racists so be it!

    • Liberal Progressive

      But they have to gain medical experience on someone.

      • Martin B

        They can go and gain it in Pakistan.

        • Degree fraud is near endemic there.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            It is, and that’s why Indian and Pakistani graduate degrees are as worthless as a two-year transgender studies degree from a community college.

          • You are too kind;)

          • Luna Tik

            But I have my Masters in Gender Studies at OISE.

            That’ll guarantee me a job in any Ontario school!

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Oh, and here’s the other thing.
            Your foreign prestigious institutions of higher learning, mostly we have never heard of them here in America unless its Oxford or Cambridge.
            Okay, I’ll look it up.
            Alright, I looked it up.
            Generic tier.

  • This woman strikes me as ignorant.

    Having said that, this is a system that is not free, universal nor is it impeachable.

    • There are better ways to navigate our health system than she employed, but still I understand her frustration, I have dealt with Ontario’s system for years due to Mom’s heath issues, you are always on guard.

      • From the looks (and tone) of this woman, she is a puffy, lazy white Canadian with Cody/Madyson kids who likes the idea of diversity as long as it is not in her white neighbourhood (like all liberals).

        She could have asked for any other doctor, specifically one who speaks English, but the way she came off was racist. Also, I’m willing to bet she loves Canada’s “universal” healthcare system no matter where she goes to wait.

        She got what she voted for.

        • Valid points.

          • I appreciate that people are concerned about the crappy state of the healthcare system but for this woman, I don’t think it’s on her radar.

    • dukestreet

      Since I live in Thorncliffistan,which used to be a wonderful neighbourhood when I moved in, I have had to deal with immigrant doctors. They may have passed the Canadian exams and did the ‘bridge” training required, they still tend to use the old fashioned remedies from the homeland. On at least 3 occasions, I have received a prescription that even the Muslim pharmacist did not recognize and he had to call the doctor to figure out what he really wanted. I always go for the Canadian trained doctors, when they are there and will even wait until they are there to go to the clinic.

      • Sound advice.

      • My mother trained in a Commonwealth country. She could tell one stories that might sound familiar to you.

        The key things are training and language.

        As people are happy to dispense with those, they get what they voted for.

        That messy pony-tail and tights broad probably votes Liberal and has a limited tolerance for “diversity” when it is inconvenient to her.

  • ontario john

    When I needed my cancer treatments awhile back, I had to travel to a Toronto area hospital. I thought I had walked into a scene from Bangladesh, with all the old muslims waiting around. Isn’t it great that our vote whore politicians let immigrants bring over their old relatives for free medical care. Everything is free in Canada!

    • Oh yea, that family re-unification thing has been a real boon to Canada.

    • Clausewitz

      When I was on Dialysis back ten years ago the Nurses used to call the Watline dialysis clinic “Terminal 4”. That was from all of the foreign patients coming to Canada for Kidney treatments at $600 a pop three times a week. This all came about primarily from the Liberal family reunification programs for elderly parents of landed immigrants. Think about that next year when you’re doing your taxes.

  • Hard Little Machine

    American liberals tell us all medical care in Canada is not only free but it’s also perfect instanteous and available everywhere without restriction no matter what

  • Waffle

    So sheeples, the “secret” is out. We have succeeded in constructing our own Tower of Babel. Intelligent communication and understanding has become impossible. But that’s just what Doctor George ordered, didn’t he? Create chaos so you can impose order.

    Ironically, I grew up at a time when Ontario led in mining safety codes. The kids I went to school with were the sons and daughters of people who had come to our tiny mining town from all over the globe.

    As you are well aware, mining is a dangerous business and people can get killed. So communication is vital to preserve life and limb. My peers and I were the beneficiaries of that need for clear communications. The school board was weighted heavily with mine executives and professionals and they were the ones who hired the teachers. So, in our tiny town, 400 miles north of Toronto, we were blessed with teachers who taught us readin’, writing’ and ‘rithetic.

    But back to this video, which frankly does not surprise me. In a very crude and vulgar way this distraught mother is begging to be understood. Unfortunately, her pleas come out as the crime of our century — racism.

    A few years ago, I had the dubious pleasure of being hospitalized 3 times in a 20 month period. It was frustrating, to say the least,on so many levels,but to sum things up, I can say this: mistakes were made (medication errors not the least of them), time was lost, procedures were delayed resulting in more time than necessary for the use of a scarce resource (the hospital bed) and it was all because of POOR COMMUNICATIONS OR TOTAL LACK OF COMMUNICATIONS. ’nuff said.

    I am not optimistic about what awaits us. As robotics and AI increasingly invade the medical realm, lethal errors will increase. They have already stopped reporting iatrogenic incidents and fatalities.

    Perhaps in time, things will sort themselves out, the budget will balance itself and pigs will fly.

  • ismiselemeas

    It is absolutely incumbent upon the system to ensure that medical staff speak English. It is the same for pilots and air traffic controllers.

  • Canadian Born

    And who recorded it a Muslim! I have had a hell of a time with 2 Muslim doctors. The first at least felt my large hernia, mind you he was in his black winter coat when he did it. Told me it was too risky. Second Muslim doctor stepped in about a foot and an half, told me it was too risky, surgery would be 5 to 7 hours and a month stay in the hospital and he would not attempt it. Went to a white doctor in my home town and she was amazing. She examined me and told me the surgery might be 2 hours, she did it in 83 minutes, 3 years ago and touch wood no problems since. As a white person you have the right to request a white doctor, don’t you? Those bloody Muslim women won’t let a white male doctor touch them. What the Fuck is the matter with this country? That women deserves credit for standing up for her rights.

    • The qualifications of foreign trained doctors have long been questioned.

      • k1962

        I read in the paper that a couple of (Muslim) medical grads were recruited to come to Windsor, Ontario because they were needed. For some unknown reason they weren’t busy? I mean I thought we didn’t have enough family doctors everywhere in Canada? I think they were grads of a Canadian medical school too. Maybe people, like this woman, wanted to see someone from their own cultural background which is going to be much harder to find pretty soon.

  • k1962

    McGill university medical school just had its probation lifted because they didn’t accept enough black, Filipino and native students. Wayne State University in Michigan had the same issue 2 years ago. This just boils my blood. You know, if it’s okay to produce doctors to serve certain ethnic or racial groups or to save 50%+ spots in medical school for women, why the hell can a white person not request a white doctor for themselves or their children?????

    On a side note, I was watching an Italian comedian talk about his trip to the emergency room in the States and being told that Dr. Fadlalalalallallalalallah would be with him in a minute. He meekly asked it they had a Ginsberg (and then he mentioned some other Jewish name that I can’t remember) back there who could see him. He said, you know, someone who actually studied….. That’s what is going to happen with affirmative action which we also have in Canada. People are just not going to trust that they have the best doctor if people are admitted to medical school based on the colour of their skin and not their grades. Why should nonwhites (not Chinese) be allowed to have spots saved for them and why do they not have to have top marks?

  • K1

    I think if an ethnic flavour is producing a threat…
    it should to CONTAINED OR SENT BACK!
    ie. Filipina women who actively up the stats for cancer rates in Canada!