Bleeding America?

“If they want civil war in this country, they will probably end up getting it,”Tweeted actor and conservative James Woods, last week. The “they” are an array of Democrats and leftists. Woods posted his Tweet just hours after James T. Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders’ groupie-turned-gunman, opened fire on Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and others at an Alexandria, Virginia ball field.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …ya… a real John Brown-kinda guy…

  • Gary

    Back around 2011 I had posted a comment about Obama where I saw a pattern that he was either wanted a Civil War by his division speeches to make groups think they are Victims…….or he’s too stupid to see he’s building the foundation to allow a Civil war to happen.
    The violence, plus murders, by the leftists that supported Hillary and Burnie would be worse if the Dem’s got in for another 4 years. The proof is how Hillary and Obama have been silent to condemn the riots and shootings by their peoples which means that the BLM terrorists and illegals would be embolden to do more crimes right in front of the Police.

    I spent about 12 years doing PR work for a Charity as well as an EmCee
    at fund raising nights for 6 hours a week for 7 years. You can not make false claims for Prizes or the odds for winning.
    So when I heard Obama’s campaign speeches I didn’t just hear words but heard unrealistic claims plus hollow promises based on future events after his first term in Office. During his reign he became an islamophile to favour muslim refugees while having disdain for the Christians being killed by the same Muslims. Because of that he made excuses for every Jihad slaughter while Loretta Lynch actually threatened to jail people for blasphemy to islam .

    For over 30 years I had to listen to how great Society would be more Just it would be once Blacks get into power. We even had the 1992 Yonge st riots by black youths wanted jobs and power to make canada great.
    But Obama and his Afro-crooks invalidated that mantra while Toronto is starting to look like Detroit for the guns and gangs plus Welfare Housing
    now being dominated by black muslims from Africa .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Ok then let’s do that.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Leftists tend to turn tail and start whimpering when their own lives are at stake.

  • Ed

    They’ll be shocked when there’s no trigger warning