As global refugee population hits record high, Canada needs to do more: UNHCR

Canada has demonstrated the political will to help refugees, but much more needs to be done to address the growing crisis of displaced people around the world, the United Nations refugee agency’s representative to Canada said.

  • LairdKintyre

    2019 can’t come soon enough. We are in big trouble once Justin gets his marching orders from his Globalist U.N. Masters.

  • Shebel

    My skin lacks melanin—
    I feel so Bad.
    I must be Guilty of —
    Something or Other.

    • Bla Bla

      I don’t feel bad at all. Nor will any new ‘law’ force me to feel as such.

  • k1962

    No thank you.

  • John Boy


  • Ed

    The UN is like some drunk asshole on the sidewalk telling passers by they can live in your house.

    Only with the UN, YOU are paying for the drunk asshole…

    • Observer

      We’d get better protection much cheaper if we paid money to the mafia instead of the United Nations.

      • shasta

        Instead of the government also.

    • Gary

      Back in February I mentioned how inept the UN is and gave the example of over 150 wars were millions died and yet they only sanctioned 3 wars .
      We had the Kuwait war against iraq , Afghanistan and the first big failure which was Korea.
      The UN came up with a Peace treaty to be nice but now N.Korea is a Nuclear threat after 64 years .

      Imagine a Police Station near you where homicides are by the hundreds over almost 70 years where they only answered three 9-1-1 calls over a bloody slaughter and one of the killers agreed to be peaceful but now has bigger guns and can blow-up the whole neighbourhood.

  • Shebel

    Can Muslims (ID)— —-one Country or one People –
    That they have brought PEACE to—
    Without Mass Slaughter ?

  • Shebel

    Welcome to Canada .
    We are here NOW!
    Time for YOU to change.

  • shasta

    Lets make Canada’s contribution free gonadectomies for all muslim males.

  • Gary

    What they left out was that 40% of the refugees are fleeing islam and sharia while 70% of those are women and children.

    It’s not our job to take in all the psychologically damage women in islam that will be a burden for life as unemployable and drain the Health care system.
    With close to 400,000,000 traumatizes muslim women ……it’s islam problem to solve because nothing will change if suckers like us exist to keep rescuing them and 1/10th the speed they are being created.

    My first visit to Florida was a beach front hotel on the east East side. At sunrise i went to the shore to see the curve of the Earth as the light exposed the water horizon. But along came tractors to clean the beach for tourists and i saw how the twigs and seaweed was swept up along with the jelly fish that wash in.
    My point is that i wanted to get up early to rescue the jelly fish and put them back with the starfish. But I was going home in about 4 days to my job and no matter how I felt…… those tractors kept collected the dead jelly fish even before i got to my job .
    islam is like the tides or waves that wash women onto the shore that die mentally from abuse to become automatons where some become martyrs to get to paradise since Earth is hell for them and ” death …where is thy sting”.
    They choose to venture off to the land where no traveler return rather then endure the 1000’s of cuts unless Conscience makes cowards of them all to risk the venture off to the unknown .

    If Justin’s want them , let him sell his $1,000,000.00 classic Benz from daddy and pay for their shelter and housing for the next 60 years.

  • Allan L

    Why does the West “have to do more”? What about the other Arab countries?