Washington Ignores Saudi “Involvement in Supporting Terrorism and Terrorist Groups”

A new investigative report reveals that hundreds of Saudi and Kuwaiti nationals residing in the United States — many of them students with dual citizenship and receiving government scholarships — have joined ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq during the past three years.

Titled “From American Campuses to ISIS Camps: How Hundreds of Saudis Joined ISIS in the U.S.,” the report — released June 1 by the Washington-D.C.-based think tank the Institute for Gulf Affairs (IGA) — provides details of the flow of students leaving American institutions of higher learning to fight in the Middle East.

According to a 2016 working paper produced by the National Bureau of Economic Research, Saudi Arabia is the second largest source of ISIS fighters from Muslim-majority countries, with an estimated 2,500. If the IGA report is accurate, a whopping 16% of these fighters were in the U.S. when they joined ISIS.

  • tom_billesley

    “….students with dual citizenship….”. Soon remedied.

  • Dana Garcia

    The Saudi student problem is George Bush’s fault, because he thought after 9/11 that educating a passel of them in American universities would be a good idea to improve understanding and such. If only it were so easy.


  • It is long overdue to apply a little zero tolerance to the Saudis.

    The trail of money from Saudi Arabia to jihadis (who have murdered Americans) is quite clear.

    100% of all Saudi monies in the western banking system should be confiscated.

    That will get their attention.


  • Mark Matis

    The US is behind the founding of ISIS. Benghazi was planned to provide them weapons and let them “kidnap” the ambassador and then ransom him. But the ragheads had a different idea.

    Thank you, Deep State, for all that you have done. And that goes especially for the NSA and the CIA and the FBI. May every one of them soon burn in hell where they belong.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump in Riyadh gave the Saudis an opening to bail out of the terror business while saving face. Not long afterwards, the Saudis came down on Qatar as the biggest financier of terror organizations. If the Saudis themselves try to sidestep Trump’s offer, they are likely to end up in deep shit.

  • Trump should stop treating them with kid gloves.