Ukip leadership candidate slammed for blaming Islam for the Finsbury Park attack

A hard-right common sense speaking Ukip leadership candidate has been blasted by senior party members after blaming the Finsbury Park attack on Muslims.

Anne Marie Waters, who was a senior member of far-right anti-Islam organisation Pegida UK, alongside Tommy Robinson, announced she would stand to succeed former leader Paul Nuttall shortly after his election drubbing.

She was picked to be the Ukip candidate in Lewisham East in the election, but was deselected after Nuttall described her views as “way above and beyond party policy.”

Islam is to blame for Finsbury Park, but there’s plenty to go round, the political and chattering classes are as guilty.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Don’t fall in a Trap, who knows in who’s trap you may fall, we don’t know him jet

  • Brenda

    This is one of the many, many reasons I have serious reservations about Ukip: they bang on and on about being anti-Europe but then someone dares to say something mildly critical about Islam, they throw them out of the party. I’m getting really worried about these ‘far-right’ parties that are anti-Europe but strangely lukewarm about Islam.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      That was my thought, exactly.
      It’s almost as if they are managed.

    • canminuteman

      It wouldn’t surprise me if they were a front group for intelligence services. Back in the eighties in Canada there were several “far right neo Nazi” groups in Canada and in the end it turned out that three quarters of there membership where CSIS agents.

  • Gary

    I had to shake my head at a News report today because every time there is a Jihad slaughter we hear the imams and muslims leaders claim that muslims now fear ” backlash ” by non-muslims ( just because muslims slaughtered innocent people as sanctioned in the quran) .

    But there’s a new twist where the Imam from the mosque that had that Van drive into the crowd of people that injured muslims had opined that muslims fear backlash .

    WTF……so your faith calls for converting the current 6,000,000,000 infidels on Earth to islam and if they don’t accept the Head-tax in the Caliphate you can legally kill them as enemies of allah and islam .
    But when the infidels oppose being slaughtered and want to defend their race and nations YOU then claim you fear ” backlash ” attacks as part of playing the victim. Now you stoop even lower to show anger and assign blame when a Van runs over a few Muslims and then claim you fear backlash ????

    I’m really sick of these career Victims that find the slightest excuse to murder civilians for allah. The real threat over Jihad attacks in Canada comes from the 90%+ self-identifying “peaceful” muslims that stay quiet after each jihad slaughter .
    Let’s remember that Toronto loves to boast about the 300,000+ peaceful muslims because all of the Jihadists go to the other nations. But it is normal to see about 3000 muslms turn out to a pro-hamas jew-hating rally while the 2015 anti-ISIS rally had just 25 muslims turn out.

    The only good news to some people is that the Liberals, feminists and gays have aligned them self with the pro-sharia islamists which means that THESE groups will be the first ones killed off once the Grand-Jihad starts .
    Let muslims purge the gene-poll of the morons as a favour to the patriots that are now being called islamophobes and racists ….THEN comes the backlash to show muslims that they are NOT the Master-Race destine to rule the Earth.

  • bob e

    can’t wait for the verdict from the police on this .. no matter how you look at it, the guy who did this act is dead. His crime is so far against the sacred narrative he’s lucky he’s not sliced up before the trial ..

  • bargogx1

    She’s not wrong. One has to be careful what one says and how one says it these days though. Particularly in the totalitarian state of Britain.