New York Times sent three reporters to the Rebel Media’s Live 2017 celebration

Saturday’s meet of Rebel Media Live 2917, held at Canada Christian College in Toronto, felt like something of a celebration. An outfit that started two years ago in Ezra Levant’s living room turned out well over 600 people.

Possibly anticipating a rich feast of fake news about the “growing menace” of the Canadian alt right*, the New York Times sent three reporters. They’ll have plenty of reasons to go home sharpening their devil-wears-Prada stilettos.

Early on, Ez Levant asked them how their Benghazi story and, oh, the one about Hill Clinton’s e-mails were going…

Many other speakers aimed at the Timesies through the day. At one point, Sheila Gunn Reid asked everyone to take out their handheld and hold it up. That, she told the crowd (but especially the cocktails-with-people-who-Matter journalists) is the future of journalism – citizen journalism.

Perhaps we should make the upheld handheld an icon of sorts?

Still, I couldn’t help wondering if the constant denigration was fair. The Cool media are dying. Are we kicking a dying cripple?

But Levant offered a sobering comment: The moribund media are not elected. When Hillary Clinton lost the election, she lost it. After that, she had to, eventually, shut up. The dying cripples of gatekeeper media can melt down in public indefinitely, with increasingly diminished responsibility.

Much is at stake. The New York Times is not going to survive unless it becomes a state medium. It must help elect progressive governments inclined to make that happen. And it must suppress the flow of real news among the taxpayers who are forced to fund it. That is a terrible fate but at least the Timesies deserve it. The rest of us don’t.

I will offer some thoughts on individual speakers later. It’s too much for one post.

Note: Subscribers can view the Live 2017 event here.

* There is in fact an alt right but there is no evidence that it plays much of a role in popular traditional culture or that it influenced the US 2016 election significantly.

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