Jailed ISIS-inspired teen terror suspects are RADICALISING other prisoners by preaching extremist Islam to vulnerable detainees

Teenage ISIS inspired terror suspects are radicalising other detainees by preaching extremist Islam inside prison.

This has prompted the NSW public sector union to call for a separate facility to house radical teenage offenders, The Australian reported.

Juvenile Justice officers are finding it difficult to handle a small number of radical inmates, some of whom have been arrested for planning ISIS-inspired attacks.

  • Brett_McS

    As described by Tommy Robinson, it’s not so much that other prisoners are being converted, it’s just that Muslim is the biggest gang – because Muslims are so law abiding – and so the other prisoners join the biggest gang to have the easier life. And if they are transferred to another prison they are immediately accepted into the Muslim gang there, unlike with other gangs. Hence the need for the separate facility.