Finsbury Park attack: We need a consistent response to terror

“…All that is needed is some consistency. At present the same people whose response to any act of terror carried out in the name of Islam is that everybody should look away, and respond with no more than a chorus of ‘Don’t look back in anger’ are now pretending that everyone they disagree with has spent years inciting people to drive vans at crowds of Londoners. I see that JK Rowling is among those pointing the finger at Nigel Farage.

Here’s a test. Yesterday the annual Khomeinist ‘Al-Quds Day’ parade took place in London. The march calls for the destruction of the state of Israel and in our allegedly zero-tolerance-to-terror city of London supporters of the terrorist group Hezbollah openly paraded with the terrorist group’s flags. What twist of popular logic allows that people waving the flags of a terrorist group in London on Sunday have no connection with terror, but that a van-driver committing an act of terror later that same day should be blamed on Nigel Farage?”

  • Liberal Progressive

    Nigel Farage? What about Donald Trump, Israel, Tories and the Republicans?

    If it wasn’t them we could all be ruled in peace by the European Union and United Nations under the peace of Sharia Law!

    Thank goodness Theresa May wants to regulate the internet so only government-acceptable content can be posted so we will all be happy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Muslims: 129,447
    Non Muslims: 1

  • Ed

    Finsbury Park guy was white. Possibly a Christian.

    Biggest threat now is a muslim backlash. He was a lone wolf. In no way representative of Christianity. In fact, a victim. We need to find the root causes. “Why do they hate us?”

  • marty_p

    I think some people in the UK have probably jihad enough.

  • Tooth&Claw

    At last a rational voice in all the finger pointing, and deflection. Thanks Douglas Murray

  • JoKeR
  • Alain

    I disagree that this qualifies as a terrorist attack. It has everything to do with strike back against the unending terrorist attacks killing far more than a single person as in this case. Furthermore it is not based on an ideological requirement as one finds in Islam. It is simply one who has had enough of being victimised by these invaders. I do not know the fellow but I can well understand that even the most tolerant have a breaking point, meaning that enough is enough.

    • canminuteman

      He’s fighting the enemy on our behalf. I won’t condemn him for that.

  • canminuteman

    Yes, we should detstroy mosques attended by terrorists and deport any other person with any connection to that mosque.