Feminist Lena Dunham Posts Ridiculous Father’s Day Tweet, Quickly Deletes It

If posting this picture seems mean-spirited, bear in mind that A) she keeps doing this to herself and B) it could be much, much worse.

Insufferable feminist Lena Dunham unsurprisingly composed one of the most ridiculous Father’s Day posts floating around the internet on Sunday.

  • Mean spirited? Perhaps, but it has inspired me! I am going to start a charity named after her. Mirrors for Morons. We will raise money to provide full length mirrors to people who appear in public looking as though they do not own or do not consult a mirror before going out on the street.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile feminist Trudeau had his illegal immigrant minister, announce over 70 million dollars to set up a center to study gender violence. Because when you want to promote feminism, you need to hire lots of civil servants to sit around and gather statistics.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Or just make them up.

  • Tom Forsythe

    I won’t post it here, but if you want to understand her views about fathers, you should check out her dad’s “art.” Carroll Dunham’s work is vulgar, misogynistic, and just plain bad.

    Note: I assume no liability for any trauma you suffer, as a result of viewing his paintings. View at your own risk.

    • You’re right. Its ghastly! And it explains a lot!

    • bargogx1

      That tweet is starting to make sense now.

  • Ed

    Looks like Danny DeVito as Penguin in Batman

  • felis gracilis

    Gawd! A whale in whale’s clothing.

  • ntt1

    in the late sixties /early seventies when ever i saw converging patterns like that i used to excuse myself and sit in a dark room to regain my senses, not sure that ploy would work with that vision of …. what ever but its certainly not white blotter.

  • bargogx1

    Doesn’t she ever get tired of making an ass of herself?

    • Clausewitz

      Short answer? Nope……

  • barryjr

    Posting that picture should be classed as a hate crime.