On Linda Sarsour’s Politics of Hate and the Pathos of Her Jewish Enablers

Linda Sarsour is a progressive-media darling. One of Essence magazine’s “Woke 100 Women,” Sarsour was named a leader of the Women’s March that followed President Donald Trump’s inauguration, despite declaring that “nothing is creepier than Zionism”—though her wish to “take away” the “vagina” of clitoridectomy victim and human-rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, praise for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, upholding Saudi Arabia as a bastion of women’s lib, embrace of the terrorist murderer Rasmea Odeh, and claim that “Shariah law is reasonable” because “suddenly all your loans & credits cards become interest-free,” are all—at least in my humble estimation—definitely creepier.

Yet Sarsour’s ride on the media wonder-wheel continues—thanks in part to Jewish individuals and organizations who embrace the idea that haters like Sarsour can’t actually hate them.

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  • ntt1

    her “Jewish” enablers, are more likely effectively secular people with Jewish ancestry and the usual fatal love for Frankfurt school insanity.
    Post modernism is a mental illness that forces one to behave like the “woke” alligator trainer in Thailand who stuck his head in the beasts mouth one too many times.
    They will come in handy by playing in orchestras as their co-religionists are burned like cord wood or the hopeless individuals tasked with clearing out the gas chambers.
    Islamism is nazism and sarsour, a propagandist.

  • vwVwwVwv

    What’s Jewish about them, you can’t be Jewish and not Zionist,
    Abrahams first command from God was Zionism.
    I ask myself if there is a place you can
    be Jewish outside of Israel.
    Every Jew knows this feeling, even when it’s the first time you
    go there, it’s like coming home in the end, the dry soul is like
    a desert when it rains, overwhelming.

    This Sarsurim ( hookers in Hebrew) are not Jewish, no more.

    • Waffle

      You are so right. I have been puzzling over this phenomenon for some time and can only conclude that the guilt of progressive Jews is so overwhelming that it drives them to utterly incomprehensible madness. It is a sickness for which there is no cure.

      • vwVwwVwv

        I live in Germany and Israel, I literally don’t know more then 1 liberal Jew
        and he hates me cuz I am politically incorrect and confront his liberalism.

  • Alain

    Those so-called Jewish enablers are as bright as those homosexuals for sharia.

    • John

      Yeah, ‘Queers-for-Palestine’ is about as bright as ‘Jews-for-Hitler’.

  • John

    Saw this earlier. A really good write-up on the natrtue of the whole problem. Love the line about the similarity between SJW *wokeness* and Scientology’s *Going Clear*. Both are cults.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    She needs a husband who follows the koran; especially one with hard knuckles.

    • Will Quest

      She can’t have any orgasms , the pleasure bits of her v-jay-jay was taken by
      izzlam … fricasseed and fed to an Imam …….