Multicultural Mythology

The recent atrocious behaviour of the Saudi national team at the World Cup football qualifying match in refusing to observe a minute’s silence in remembrance of Australians killed in the London terrorist attack has rightly been criticized in our media. However the issue goes beyond the Saudi team’s insult to innocents who have been killed. During the apartheid era in South Africa, that country was not allowed to participate in international sport because of its racial discrimination. Many Islamic countries practice total gender discrimination — their women are not allowed to participate in international sport, indeed in some of these countries women, particularly in Saudi Arabia, are not allowed to participate even in domestic sport but spend their lives in any public area encased in all-encompassing black burqas.

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    And when you’re gonna get ’em da puddin’ pop.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Da puddin’ pop!

  • ismiselemeas

    I see a pattern with the armed troops and police…

  • Gary

    Justin is so detached from reality by a coddled up bringing and sheltered life by his wealth that he sees nothing wrong with tell the UN he’s a feminist and supports LGBTQ rights but then tours the pro-sharia wife-beating homophobic Sunni mosque in Canada.
    He is even on record supporting Brown women having abortions to girl babies just by their culture where boy babies have more value.

    Jump to the 00:01:55 mark and hear his support which he cites the Charter and yet Liberal Judges strike down or create new provision in the Charter all the time. Justin would have supported slavery in 1860 and women no being able to vote.