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The Coming Civil War

The left has been at war against America for decades. The right represents those of us who favor individual freedom and capitalism — and the left are those who want government controls and socialism.

Halifax refugee supporters to Ottawa: Canada can be ‘a world leader’

On World Refugee Day, Halifax supporters have one main message to the government: don’t let support slip.

Halifax joined communities across Canada in hosting a refugee walk. A large group of adult and children braved the driving rain on Saturday afternoon, walking from the Garrison Grounds to the Halifax Central Library.

Dressed in ponchos with noisemakers, many carried signs saying, “No one is a refugee by choice.”

How the Mainstream Left is Programming Political Violence

Violent organizations like Antifa attack conservatives around the world, including staff from The Rebel.


Norway to ban use of heating oil in buildings

The Norwegian Government hopes that the upcoming ban will result in a reduction of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by 340,000 tons per year, compared to overall national emissions of 53.9 million tonnes in 2015.

Ohio Wesleyan to launch ‘Social Justice Major’ in fall

Among the career options potentially open to social justice majors, OWU mentions roles with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions that deal with issues relating to social justice topics.

“Vibrant culture”: Archaeological project reveals faces of Canada’s past

“We wanted to show that the archeology of these people, the ancient history of these people, is not just stone tools and things that have been ripped from the ground by archaeologists, but it was composed of complex, interesting, infinitely powerful people — that their archaeological history is as complex and powerful and intriguing and vibrant as any history in the world,” Betts said.

Germany Presents Racism Action Plan, Invests Millions Into Preventing Extremism

Germany’s Family and Interior Ministries have announced a new national action plan against racism. In tackling extremism, some 100 million euros are to be specifically invested in preventing Islamist radicalization.

High Schools Drop “Valedictorian” Distinction Fearing Lower-Ranked Kids May Feel ‘Triggered’

We’ve spent a fair amount of time over the past several years writing about the ‘participation trophy generation’ (a.k.a. “millennials) and, more specifically, how their inflated sense of entitlement and self-worth, irrespective of work effort and/or innate talent, would not serve them well in the real world.

You see millennials, despite what your enabling handlers (a.k.a. “educators”) have told you your whole life, people here in the real world couldn’t care any less about your feelings, think your ‘Gender Studies’ degree was a complete waste of your parents’ money, will not promote you just because anything less would be a ‘triggering’ event and do not recognize your standing to demand ‘safe spaces’.

Art Depicting A Crucified Trump Submerged in Urine Will Be Unveiled In Portland

Next Thursday, Washington sculptor James Kelsey will unveil Piss Trump, a giant photography piece depicting Donald Trump naked, crucified and suspended in a tank of piss.

Kelsey says it’s not totally his intention for Piss Trump to be inflammatory.

“I want the unveiling to be a catharsis for us,” he says. “Not another reason to express anger.”

Banning trans women from women-only facilities punishes them for the sins of others

The case of Body Blitz Spa in Toronto reportedly denying access to a trans woman is a good reminder that laws don’t necessarily shift public opinion. And the lingering, fallacious opinion among many seems to be that trans women, somehow, pose a threat to other women.

By demanding the use of women’s bathrooms, “trans women” are creating a loophole that can be exploited by pedophiles, rapists, and other criminals at a location where other males are not available to provide protection. The trans community claims to deserve empathy and respect but will not reciprocate either to the women and children who are now exposed to danger in what used to be a private area.


  • simus1

    “The forecast is for higher leftist baloneyum levels and excessive virtue signaling to remain in the general area over the coming weeks with no letup in sight.”

    • Justin St.Denis

      The Progressive Baloneyist Party will be busy.

  • WalterBannon

    Halifax refugee supporters to Ottawa: Canada can be ‘a world insanity leader’

    • jayme

      Halifax is a smug little progressive shithole of a town, surviving on other people’s money (transfer payments) and cushy bureaucratic jobs. I hope they drown in their precious “refugees”.

      • reidjr

        Halifax has a very small immigration population something like 2%.

        • simus1

          Late winter, early evening darkness, rain, light traffic on Quinpool Road, multicoloured neon signs being reflected from the wet pavement.

          That was about as nice as it got visually.
          Pathetic old death warmed over alkies hustling high school kids for quarters to buy booze. Electric trolley buses with really nasty drivers.
          Good times.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Have to agree with you. My wife and I expected to love the place, but ended up cutting short our visit. Horrible progressive shithole, trashy women and lots of tacky to photograph. What’s not to loathe…..

      • disqusW6sf

        It is a hillbilly town and thinks of itself as cosmopolitan. I lived there for over 20 years and will never move back.

      • bargogx1

        It’s a university town, is it not? That would explain a lot.

      • (standing ovation)

        I’ve lived there. That’s exactly what it is.

    • bargogx1

      Someone should ask them if their demonstration means they’re offering their services and their homes.

  • V10_Rob

    Depict old Mo in a vat of urine and then tell me how edgy and brave you are.

  • Blacksmith

    “is not just stone tools and things that have been ripped from the ground by archaeologists,”
    As if any real archeologist ‘ripped’ anything from the ground. You can smell the flavor of this article from this line, the next line is such unfiltered lefty drivel it is unintelligible.

    • Justin St.Denis

      That line struck me as very revealing, too. I’m old enough to remember when even the corrupt MSM were at least able to manipulate the English language with aplomb. These days, I almost have to struggle with myself to not grab a red pen and correct everything. Sad.

      In Great Britain, this language crisis is both worse and more entrenched, especially in their media.

      On the bright side, command of the English language can still be found in many independent American publications. I actually collected a few Florida community newspapers last time we visited to share with friends here in Canada. They, too, were amazed at the Enlish language mastery reflected therein. Most hadn’t read anything written above the Grade 7 level in ANY Canadian MSM in years!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Ohio Wesleyan offering ‘degrees’ in ‘majors’ at all seems exclusionary, no? What about the people who don’t want to ‘declare’ majors? Declaring is oppressive. What about the people who feel degrees are triggering to people plants animals and rocks who don’t have degrees?

    • tom_billesley

      Rigid bodies have six degrees of freedom. Unfair to squidgy progressives!.

  • ontario john

    For fact based unbiased reporting, you can rely on our CBC. Tonight on the National the CBC interviews communist Naomi Klein on how evil Trump is. You know, the Naomi Klein that loves a certain South America country that is enjoying the benefits of socialism right now. And don’t miss out on the Toronto Star today with its fact based stories that Trump is crazy, and numerous stories on how wonderful muslim refugees are in Canada.

  • tom_billesley

    … vibrant as any history in the world,
    But only mahometan migrants have sufficient “vibrancy” for Trudeau..

  • disqusW6sf

    In the Halifax story CBC fails to mention that Evelyn Jones (one of the marchers) who doesn’t want a reduction in refugees works for Immigration services. Jeez..

  • mauser 98
  • mauser 98

    re… piss

    betchya artiste Kelsey will not depict another religions icons in same way

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I’d like to walk in, hold out my right hand to shake his, and when he smiles and reaches out with his right to shake mine; drop him with a left.

  • Justin St.Denis

    The modern art buying public is CRYING OUT for PISS MOHAMMAD.

    Where is PISS MOHAMMAD?

    Hey! PISS MOHAMMAD! Report to the nearest modern art gallery immediately.

    Hey! PISS MOHAMMAD! Report to the nearest modern art gallery immediately.

    Does anybody know where PISS MOHAMMAD is? If you do, please call your nearest modern art gallery.

  • Clink9

    Submerged in Urine Will Be Unveiled In Portland”

    This man is so brave! Trump should award him a medal.

    • andycanuck

      Except the shit mountains will keep their heads above the pee level.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Meh. Derivative

  • mauser 98
  • bargogx1

    The person who wrote that CBC article about the trans issue seems to have some sort of serious disconnect from reality.

    • Frances

      “This view ignores the fact that trans women are still women.” Bet the author also thinks that “anthropomorphic climate change” is real and based on science.

      • Tooth&Claw

        The author denies that others do not have accept a trans person’s delusions.

  • Bla Bla

    Well Norway, lets just cut to the progressive utopian way of thinking and just gas those who don’t tow the green movements lies. Then you will see your CO2 emission plummet to almost nothing! Weeeeee! Communism is fun when you are the leader!

  • Samuel Q-L

    It’s interesting that people are so quick to blame others for the actions of a few. An all too common divide/conquer strategy of the elite. With the recent “terror” attack in VA is no exception. So who is to blame for political violence in America? –

  • Maggat

    “Norway to ban use of heating oil in buildings” and how, pray tell, will people keep warm in these fridged towers. Pixy farts?

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Love it when CBC opens the comments on stories.

    The whole narrative that people support their garbage collapses.