Canada’s an exceptional country – let’s keep it that way

“…Canada has become, in a relatively short period of time, an exceptional place. We routinely place in the top of rankings and lists compiled by various institutes and think-tanks.

Why it is so important that we acknowledge this on the occasion of Canada 150 is twofold:

First of all, not everyone agrees that there is, more or less, no better place in human history for the average person to live than right here and right now. But, more alarmingly, not everyone believes it is worth preserving.”

  • marty_p

    My idea of a “Wonderful Canada” seems to be an antithesis of the Toronto Star & Crescent’s idea of a “Wonderful Canada”.

    In the Canada of the Star:
    Front page news that a Mo gets free tuition and accommodation from U of T
    (U of T can kiss any chance of alumni donations from me goodbye)

    Wonderful Syrian refugees experience their first Canadian winter – just like the “Boat People” – page A9 print edition.

    Isn’t it wonderful that a Muslima gets to wear a hijab and gets a full page article on playing soccer:

    and in the daily bash Israel category:

    Israelis in turmoil over the occupation in latest book on Israeli best seller list:
    Print edition page A14

    Latest Jerusalem terrorist attack garners a whole 3 sentence mention (only after ISIL and PFLP fight over who was responsible) – print edition page A5

    and of course Donald Trump is the devil incarnate:

  • Brenda

    ” We routinely place in the top of rankings and lists compiled by various institutes and think-tanks.”

    Just one of those telling phrases so indicative of a whole way of thinking.

    • WalterBannon

      place in the top of rankings and lists compiled by cultural Marxists

  • disqusW6sf

    I don’t believe Canada has ever been exceptional. It could have been…..but its potential was destroyed by the Liberals who wrecked this country.

  • WalterBannon

    Canada WAS An Exceptional Country

    now its a cultural Marxist liberal shithole

  • irishrus

    In a totally logical view a Nation and the majority of its citizens are no better than those they elect. WTF Canada

  • Felicia Scott

    What, exactly, is exceptional about Canada? I’ve been there. Mostly I have heard the people bitching about their government (federal and provincial). The locals all go to the US to shop and play. The Canadian border guards are dumber than dirt and smell like it. Quebec is riddled with whores, islamics and terrorists. There are stupid junk wind turbines all over the countryside when they belong in the cities. So what is exceptional about Canada?

    • Canadian Born

      Absolutely nothing for Canadians born and raised here. It is only exceptional for the leeches that come here, from every other country! When they get everything free, what do we expect.

  • Linda1000
    • Canadian Born

      !00% agree!

  • J. C.

    `Canada’s an exceptional country`

    Yeah… Exceptionally stupid!