Australia: Taxpayer-funded study urges “sensitivity” to Muslim migrants who beat their wives

“A taxpayer funded study has made the audacious claim that Australians need to show ‘cultural sensitivity’ towards migrant men who physically abuse their wife and children….The study refers to some refugees claiming that these rights ‘contravene the cultural values, norms and mores’ of their ethnic groups…Yet the study has faced strong resistance in the shape of federal Minister for Women Michaelia Cash who has stated Australia is categorically against family violence.”

This problem may not be solved now, but it will have to be faced eventually, not just in Australia but in all non-Muslim countries: are Muslims allowed to break the law of the land in order to follow their religion, or is the law of the land paramount? Will wife-beating be legal or illegal, or legal if you’re Muslim but not if you’re not Muslims?

…What was most upsetting for many refugees was the strong stance Australians had when it came to domestic violence.

  • Martin B

    How about showing some sensitivity to taxpayers and patriots?

    Someone in government needs to state that Australia is categorically against Islam, or this shit will never end.

  • tom_billesley

    “Sensitivity” is to let the wife beater have a cell where the dunny doesn’t point to Mecca.
    It isn’t to let Sharia decide the outcome of an Australian court case..

  • Tanya

    Another big WTF moment brought to you by some brain dead moron that spends taxpayers money with little regard to any type of common sense.
    Big news cupcake, they are in Australia, they should be following Australian laws and integrate with Australia standards not some medieval desert camel herders mentality.

  • Editor

    I wonder if they’ll ever be a study urging sensitivity to native Australians beating muslim migrants who beat their wives and children.