Anti-migrant ‘Identitarians,’ counter-protesters march in Berlin

Future for Europe – for the defense of our identity, culture and way of life.”

There was a large security presence on the streets of Berlin on Saturday when hundreds of mainly young members of the “identitarians” marched under a banner reading “Future for Europe – for the defense of our identity, culture and way of life.”

  • ontario john

    Its the special islam is wonderful/Trump is crazy edition of the Sunday Toronto Star. Lots of heart warming stories on how wonderful muslim refugees are in Canada. Including a story on how a refugee from Hitler Trump’s America has been accepted into Sunny Ways Canada. Why, he is even getting a free education at the University of Toronto. No I’m not upset that my kids didn’t get a free education there, because islam is the most important thing in Canada. And don’t miss out on the revealing stories on how Trump is mentally ill and needs to be deposed. Or the story on the Pope appointing an Anglican theologian who believes in abortion, to his advisory council. No its not Michael Coren.

    • Uncommunist

      Poor Canada, lunatics are in charge.

  • Bla Bla

    LOL… Everyone I hate is ‘far right’. Let me dig up that meme from a while back.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      The definition we give for right, far-right, left and far-left in North America doesn’t really apply in Europe though.

      Even Conservative parties in many European countries
      would be considered Elizabeth May territory here.

      • Bla Bla

        Europe truly is bizzaroland – and we are quickly catching up to it!

  • Bla Bla

    This one is for the MSM fascist mouth pieces. They keep using ‘far right’ but I don’t think it has the same meaning anymore.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s great to see the Identitarians are still resisting the monumental nation-crushing stupidity of the Merkel.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    A pretty fair show on them.