Why the EU Constitutes a Mortal Threat to Europeans

Years ago, many Europeans hoped that the European Union (EU) might be a force for good. In the early 1990s, even I shared some of those hopes.

However, these dreams have been put to shame. The time has come to take an honest look at what the EU actually is today, not to dream about what it might have become.

There have been disturbing, Utopian and partly totalitarian undercurrents to the EU for years. These currents have now reached the surface. The EU increasingly resembles a pan-European tyranny.

  • Waffle

    No surprises there. The French and the Germans are authoritarian by nature, but ‘crats are a different breed entirely. These unelected scum balls are like vampires — they thrive on human blood and they can never get enough. The only way to destroy them is the old-fashioned way — a wooden stake through through their godless heart.

    But why am I weeping for the old country? Canada is bleeding out by the minute and not even to the stirring tunes of a Beethovian hymn.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The EU has become the Fourth Reich.