Outspoken Muslim T.O. Sun writer threatened again

Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah was waiting for the bus at St. Michael’s Hospital when a taxi pulled up to him not to offer a ride but to deliver a threat.

“The guy spoke to me in my native language of Urdu,” Fatah said Friday. “He said he recognized my face and then said ‘I have a gun for you.’”
He drove off.

  • Brett_McS

    Any public figure, such as Tarek, who is a target of the Islamists or the left should at the very least have a discrete on-person video recorder system set up for them for whenever they are in public. With such a system the result of this interaction would be a video recording that could be used to get the taxi driver fired and probably put up on charges.

    • Exile1981

      or if we have a real PM, deport the driver.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      He’s not, it’s all bullshit to gain the trust of useful idiots who fawn over “Moderate” Muslims.

      Tarek travels to India and Pakistan with no security frequently.
      if it were true he’s be be dead a long time ago.

  • Brett_McS

    In Urdu: “Keep it, I already have a gun”.

  • eMan14

    Yet somehow we are the problem.

  • Gary

    He was in the Hospital several years back and got a death threat that wast posted on social media call to kill him as a bad muslim that lies.
    So he reported it to the Police and to his surprise he had 2 Muslims detectives visit him for more information to look into it and lay charges. But they found out it was a devout pro-sharia hijab wearing muslima and came back to Trek to tell him that everything is okay because it was a harmless prank by a young girl that is sorry.

    What the hell made the person in charge at the Police station think that Tarek didn’t trust a non-muslim Cop or white people.
    How many times have Muslim cops been sent to 9-1-1 calls where jihad threats are made or a possible honour killing to teen girl and they enforce Sharia in canada to handle Muslim issues and cover them up.

    We have laws based on OUR societal norms and standards for everyone to obey……it is not the job for Muslims Cops to follow sharia and spit on our Courts and Legal system . The Toronto Police started to be Political about 7 years ago and are now Social Workers with guns that enforce the laws that are popular with the leaders while they have a List of Minority groups that can ignore our laws as part of buying their votes at all 3 levels of Government .


    • Justin St.Denis

      You are absolutely right, Gary. That was among the principal reasons we sold up and left Toronto. And another principal reason was that – despite the very wealthy neighbourhood in which we lived – there was a criminal neighbourhood just minutes away. Which is true for every “nice” neighbourhood in Toronto. There’s always the neighbouring neighbourhood – a criminal cesspool or an ethnic slum or an industrial park or whatever – to remind you why you hate living in the fucking CentreOfTheUniverseToronto.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        When I grow up I want to be Justin like you.
        Went to work for some overtime this morning.
        So, I’m trying to get there.
        Spending Fathers Day alone.
        First time ever.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Dance, you are confusing me. Is that first line intended as an insult? Just wondering….

          Sorry your Father’s Day is going to suck. Been there, done that, bought the soundtrack. I highly recommend you pass on the soundtrack. There’s only so many times one can listen to Gilbert O-Sullivan’s “Alone Again, Naturally” hit tune before taking up a gun and blowing somebody’s brains out.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I will never insult you.
            You’re my big brother.
            I want to be rich and live in a nice neighbourhood.
            I aspire to be you.
            Adam Carolla says don’t be resentful or jealous.
            Look up to those who have done well for themselves and try to figure out how they did it so you can, too.
            Forgot about that Alone Again song.
            Got into a real funk last fall listening to Hey, It’s Me by Todd Rundgren because even though I don’t play favourites I just really missed my little girl.
            Instead of that, these days I am listening to the songs that helped put me on the road that I am on.
            True Faith by New Order.
            Soulchild Remix of 19-2000 by the Gorillaz.
            New Gold Dream by Simple Minds.
            And Safari by The Breeders.
            Happy Fathers Day.
            Someone somewhere is a banquet manager working a brunch and it isn’t me.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Ahem! Your “big bro” is far from wealthy, Dance. We carried (just barely) a huge mortgage on our Toronto digs from 1995 until 2008 on the wife’s hunch that we’d make a killing when we sold up. She was right. I was shocked at how much our home sold for (bidding wars!) That money along with the money I got from the sale of my little company permits us to live comfortably in a very desirable part of Ontario. Neither of us draws a pension from any source. We scrimped and saved, and we both worked our butts off until we hit 60. I cannot remember EVER working a mere 40 hours per week as an adult. My wife put in lots and lots of hours, too. Actually, I don’t think we know any couple with a history of being as hardworking as we are, Dance. I’m just trying to say that we earned what we have through hard work, sacrifice and strategic thinking. We had to. I got fired from every job (at least six) I had during the first ten years of our marriage! We had to be innovative since being an “employee” simply rubbed me the wrong way. It would have been a lot easier on/for my family had I been wired for employment like everybody else. Instead, I dragged my sorry butt around the world – usually but not always by myself – for months/years at a time. And most of the places I worked I would never return to a second time. Nothing was easy. Nothing. The loneliness, fear, instability and sheer edginess of never being “at home” for three decades took a toll on me. I have to be coaxed to travel now.

            I’m just saying that my grass may look greener from where you are standing, but you didn’t witness the work I had to put into that fucking lawn to get it that bloody green. Yeah, my wife and I look real nice sitting on our patio, drinking our coolers. But we’re talking about how frickin’ hard it was to get here. Facts.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I said before.
            I look up to you.
            One of the reasons for that is that I know from your writing is that you spent a long time away from your family.
            My kids just called me.
            I love them.
            I miss them.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Telephone calls like that are golden, aren’t they? I remember them SO clearly. I also remember sobbing my guts out after hanging up the phone. Loving your kids is so visceral it can hurt sometimes.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I feel better today.
            Thanks, man.

          • Justin St.Denis

            That’s good to hear! I actually kept my wife awake the other night talking about you being away from your kids/family on Fathers’ Day. It wakened so many dormant memories for both of us. The many important moments I was not physically present for but there in spirit only make my head spin. My wife was crucial in ensuring that our kids knew I WAS there for them even when I wasn’t there physically.

            I thank God for the day I met that woman! Even though she tethered me with four of the most beautiful reins I’ve ever known – our kids! Y’know, I always feel sorry for guys who talk about marriage as the “ball and chain”. Mine has been more like fluttering wings and pretty vapour trails. It might be the Asian thing. I’ll never know. All I am sure about as that we really are a “forever” thing.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I know what you mean about marriage.
            I can only do what I do because of her.
            She gave me the three reasons to do it.
            (The ball and chain reminded me of this album I first heard over thirty years ago.
            Means nothing, just haven’t heard it in a while. It’s the second song.)


          • Justin St.Denis

            I always liked XTC. 😉

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Jesus Christ.
            I just like you.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Thanks, Dance. You know that’s mutual, don’t you? 😉

    • Watchman

      “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help…the islamists. Turn around and kneel down and close your eyes, please.” /sarc

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      Tarek has railed against white people on Sun News during a few of their round table shows with Jerry Agar and a few other people.

      The whole death threats is theatre, he travels to India and Pakistan
      frequently with no security.

      There is no way in hell he could do that if the actual threats existed.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I feel the same way about Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
        During the United States federal election she was asked about Trump and shut down like a fraidy ‘shroom.
        She’s not who she says she is.
        Sure, she is a victim of her culture but she can’t accept ours.

        • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

          Tarek just plays the “Moderate” Muslim fighting extremists for the white audience, 99% of what he does is fighting bullshit tribal battles on TV in his native Urdu.

          The fact that he travels to India and Pakistan with no security and doesn’t get popped within a mile of the airport is 100% proof he’s a fraud.

  • Morticiaa

    Brave braves tarek
    Keep on speaking out against these crackpot low iq disgusting Islamic backward hoards many many of whom are now in canada
    Not supporting a word you say or the common sense you try to express
    Worried now about you being outside the hospital as I know you recovered in recent years from serious illness. Hope you are well and stay that way
    Wish I had been at that bus stop with you, I would have chased the fucker down
    And smashed my backpack on his hood of his cab
    Now that would have got a laugh or two as I am 72 but still fighting these many sickos in our once great nation
    I am celebrating July 4th this year
    Keep well tarek and keep speaking out

  • simus1

    No biggie.
    The cabbie was probably just a devout unemployed former atomic bomb engineer having a bad day.