Muslims bitch at each other for credit over who killed Israeli border police woman Hadas Malka

Palestinians dispute IS claim for deadly attack on Israel

DEIR ABU MASHAL, West Bank (AP) — Palestinian militants disputed an Islamic State claim Saturday that it was behind a deadly attack against Israel, saying it was their people who killed a female police officer on duty near Jerusalem’s Old City.

IS issued a statement taking responsibility for the stabbing and shooting attacks Friday evening. If true, it would mark the first direct IS action against Israel and the group warned on its affiliate news agency it “will not be the last.”

“Let the Jews expect the demise of their entity at the hands of the Caliphate soldiers,” it said, calling the attack “revenge for God’s religion and for the violated sanctities of Muslims.”

However, the Hamas and People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine militant groups quickly retorted that the three attackers who were killed were their members and accused IS of trying to undermine their efforts.