Meager Turnout at Muslims Against Terror March

Only a few Muslims demonstrate in Cologne

The expectations of the organizers of the anti-Islamism protest are not fulfilled. Only a fraction of the tens of thousands of participants expected.

  • Gary

    The CBC and STAR thought they had their Gotcha moment to expose the islamophobes. It was the anti-ISIS rally in Toronto at the same area where they report the 3000+ jew-hating pro-hamas muslims which are a few bad apples.

    John Tory loves to boast about the 300,000+ muslims in the GTA that are the peaceful ones and show how Diversity in TO is its strength.
    But it was so sad because only around 25 muslims came out of which 4 had hosted the event.

    Yes folks…… the same CBC that is tied to the hamas funding CAIR for the voice of moderate islam and tells us that 99% of muslims reject jihad and terrorism…..saw this pathetic turn out that showed that 99% of the muslims in Toronto SUPPORTED ISIS and jihad terrorism .
    Don’t forget the Tory praised the jew-hating mosque near City Hall and allows the Islamic Booth on Yonge street to hand out books to teach muslims males on how to beat their wife. The qurans they give out have the verses that call for murdering homosexuals.

    Not a word from the feminists and LGBT community .

    • I don’t belive anything Tory or the CBC has to say about Islam or muslims, both lie

    • Say, isn’t islam just another religion?

  • Literally Hitler

    Would not be surprised if the majority were actually useful idiot infidels.

    • I bet a good may were.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      Pictures show overwhelmingly white Germans.

      It was the same with that “Ring of peace” around a Synagogue in Oslo
      media claimed it was 1000 people but pictures showed it was actually 20 people with a bunch of mostly white people spectating and nowhere near 1000 people even if you include them.

  • Alain

    Once again the lie that the huge majority of Muslims are peace-loving and that only a very small minority who do not represent Islam are terrorists (jihadists) bites the dust.