Justin’s Syrian “Refugees” Fight Canadians with Rocks, Bricks

It’s OK though, Justin and his friends don’t live in neighborhoods that house refugees.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Invest in companies that sell and install security fencing. Fence off the ‘refugees’ and them devolve into whatever they like. There are lots of poor dysfunctional cities in North America, what’s a few more?

  • ontario john

    The Canadians are obviously islamophobic. It will be added I’m sure to the long list of apologies our wonderful and cool prime minister will be making this Canada Day. To be properly ashamed of our past, the Toronto Star is keeping a list for all of us to review. Please hang your head in shame this Canada Day.

    • We must atone for not letting our heads be smashed in with bricks.

    • Gary

      These are the muslims that McCallum said were peaceful and moderate with phd’s as Doctors and Engineers that would pay back more in taxes than what it cost us to take them in.

      The old Canada is DEAD. We are going down the road to France and the UK while Toronto will be like Detroit and Malmo .

  • Literally Hitler

    They would prefer to live in Syria or Lebanon. How many months of benefits payments equal a one way flight there?

    • PaulW

      They should be paid to go back and stay there – whatever the price, it would be a bargain, since otherwise they will be a crippling drain on the country, socially and economically, for decades to come.

  • JoKeR
  • Liberal Progressive

    The Canadian government will put a stop to this!

    The father of the Canadian children and Andrea should soon be getting notices from the Canadian Human Rights Commission charging them for their blatant racism and Islamophobia for not respecting the refugees culture and for reporting them first to the police and then later to the media.

  • Marius K

    No-gone zones start with one house.

  • Observer

    These “refugees” are not happy with the quality of their free tax payer funded housing.

    How about move them out of Hamilton, and into 24 Sussex Avenue in Ottawa, and see if that meets their demands?

  • I forwarded the video to some people in the Hammer. But I gotta be careful — I might be dis-invited from any upcoming summer barbecues there.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Rebel should do a fundraiser to send them back.

  • The Phantom

    This is Hamilton, right?

    Not going to be a long-term problem. Locals have a way about them. ~:D