Geert Wilders: Let’s Stop the Cowardice, And Tell The Truth About Islam

This week, a documentary called “Wilders” premiered at DocFest, a film festival for documentaries in the British town of Sheffield.

The documentary is made by American film director Stephen Robert Morse. Although he does not agree with my political views, he at least tried to bring a balanced story, which is more than I can say of many Dutch journalists.

I allowed Morse and his team to follow me around for a few months. The documentary shows how, due to Islamic death threats, I have to live under 24/7 police protection, am being driven around in armoured cars, am obliged to wear a bulletproof vest whenever I have to speak in public, etc.

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    I am so grateful for Geert Wilders and the few others who speak out despite the constant threat to their lives that this entails. If there were even a dozen of him, perhaps progress could be made in halting the advance of Islam in our societies. But there are just too few brave enough to speak out, too few to make a difference. Too few.