Europe’s Right-Wing Youth Activists are Striking Back Against Multiculturalism

Formerly associated with fringe members of society, the far-right has become an increasingly mainstream political movement. Europe’s new generation of right-wingers are socially astute, and know how to make their message heard. “We see ourselves as the voice for a forgotten generation”, says Martin Sellner, the young social media-savvy leader of the Identitarian group in Austria. “We want to defend the identity of Europe”, he states.

  • Liberal Progressive

    The EU, UN and George Soros will put an end to them!

    • Norman_In_New_York

      If they do, they must act fast before this anti-totalitarian rebellion spirals out of their control.

    • Dank Farts

      Globalists trying to usurp their countries and locals who wish to preserve their countries.

      Who’s the evil one?

  • Excellent video! There is a plain way to determine who believes in freedom and is worthy of living in freedom: CHPT 5 “First, the First”

  • UCSPanther

    The truth of the matter is that if the people feel the establishment won’t listen and address their concerns, they will turn to those who promise to. In this case, it is the center-far right nationalists.