Camille Paglia: Giving Puberty Blockers To Kids Is ‘Criminal Violation Of Human Rights’

‘…Paglia is correct. Giving your gender-confused child hormone blockers, therapies and even facilitating mutilating surgeries (yes, that happens) is tantamount to child abuse. In fact, there is a movement of such victims currently sounding the alarm on the so-called “transgender cult” pushing these harmful ideas.

One such victim recalled her painful experience:

“I am a real, live 22-year-old woman, with a scarred chest and a broken voice, and five o’clock shadow because I couldn’t face the idea of growing up to be a woman, that’s my reality,” said Cari Stella, a de-transition woman blogger, who is one of those now telling of her heartbreaking reality after transgender therapies and surgery. “Gender was done to me, gender was traumatizing to me, I don’t want anything to do with it anymore. … It can be damn hard to figure out that the treatment you’re being told is to help you is actually making your mental health worse. Testosterone made me even more dissociated than I already was.”‘

‘As previously noted by The Daily Wire, studies show that the vast majority of children suffering from gender confusion identify with their biological sexual identity by the time they reach adulthood; this number is estimated to be upward of 80%.

‘The cold biological truth is that sex changes are impossible,’ says Camille Paglia’