5 years in a Saudi prison: Blogger Raif Badawi’s supporters call on Trudeau to do more

Raif Badawi

There was a renewed show of support Friday afternoon for Canadian blogger Raif Badawi at Mont-Royal metro.

On the month of his five-year anniversary of imprisonment in a Saudi-Arabian jail for allegedly insulting Islam, dozens of Badawi’s supporters chanted together:

“1,2,3,4, Trudeau do more.”

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I facebook-messaged our local MP, asking her if she’s ever heard of Asia Bibi. …no reply after months now…I guess they just don’t speak to people at my level…

    • Will Quest

      These people are considered M-103 law breakers and the Liberal government consider their imprisonment as just punishment for blasphemers of izzlam ….

  • Gary

    Under Chretien we saw how Bill Graham allowed Will Samson to rot in a Saudi jail on bogus charges of violating sharia . MP Graham claimed he was using Soft-Diplomacy with the Saudi’s and he had the nerve to say that we needed to tolerate him being tortured because if we upset them they may kill him.

    This from a homosexual where the LBGTQ2TT community has whined about their Rights and they suffer verbal abuse by the word fag or queer.
    Harper became the PM and helped Samson get back to Canada but Dan McTeague from the Liberals went to the media and spewed the false narrative claiming that Liberals worked hard to get his release and return to Canada.

    Chretien left him to ROT in a saudi jail just like he did to Omar Khadr that was sitting in GITMO’s military prison.
    Leave it to Liberals and the CBC to hold Harper responsible for getting Omar Khadr out of GITMO where Chretien left him to rot and yet when Harper freed William Samson the Liberal got the credit for it.

  • Alain

    Since he has sinned against M103 do not expect this government to help him.

  • Why would anyone think that Trudeau knows or cares about this man or anything that concerns others? Why? What indication has Trudeau given anyone that he is a thoughtful, insightful, pragmatic leader? Everything Trudeau has said indicates that he is not only a colossal moron with an inability to dress himself but also he is self-absorbed, clueless, indifferent to the sufferings and needs of others, petty, arrogant, ignorant, easily bought and unilateral in political actions.

    If one wants to get Trudeau’s attention, start targeting the businesses and others who back him.

  • canminuteman

    My guess is that this guy is a “Saudi Canadian”. As such, the saudis consider him a suadi, and when he was stupid enough to be on saudi soil he got arrested for breaking saudi law. I don’t really have a lot of sympathy.

    • Canadian Born

      You are so right. Not born here, came got his Canadian citizenship and then returned to his place of birth and wants Canada to ail him out. Canada is not responsible for him. I have no sympathy for him, period!

      • Canadian Born

        @Canadian Born should read bail him out.