Well now we have drive-thru service…

Arizona resident Blair Robertson says he “cannot believe he walked away” after being hit by a car that smashed through the window of a restaurant he was in.Dramatic CCTV footage of the crash shows just what he means, as the car carries him across the dining room like a doll. Amazingly, Robertson is seen standing up and walking after the impact. However, he said on Facebook that he was left “battered and bruised … [with] a headache and assorted aches and pains.”

  • Gary


    • This one’s on the house…

    • Blacksmith

      Damn waiters are always too slow with the check!

  • UncleVladdi

    So THAT’S where my 87-yr-old mother went off to yesterday! And no wonder she only admitted to the cops to having “driven around a lot!”

  • Maggat

    Would you like fries with that?