Trudeau like a ‘crazy cat lady’ when it comes to refugees

The aphorism about the road to hell being paved with good intentions is dramatically illustrated today by the Trudeau Liberals’ commitment to aggressive refugee settlement in Canada with no fiduciary forethought.

The direct result is another screwing of taxpayers.

According to a documents obtained by the Canadian Press through Access to Information, the flood of asylum claims – through legal refugee channels and queue-jumping at unmanned border crossings – could eventually create an 11-year wait for claimant processing and almost $3 billion in federal social support.

This is unconscionable.

  • H

    Harper and his administration certainly started it, with their love of mass Muslim immigration. But Trudeau is putting the finishing touches on the transformation of Canadian society from a free, secular one to an unfree and violent Islamic one.

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      Trudeau-senior started it back in the 60s and no government since has stopped it. Justine the dope has put it into overdrive.

    • FivePointSpurgeonist

      But let’s elect the Chief Panderer Jason Kenney.

      • mobuyus

        Jason Kenny hasn’t recited the shahada like Imam Trudeau Grand Muktar and Mufti of Ottawa has.

        • FivePointSpurgeonist

          Might as well have.

    • Marius K

      The problem with politicians – no matter what stripe – is that decision making powers are outmatching their or (I guess ) anybody’s intellectual capacity.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Actually, tragically it was Mulroney who built upon Trudeau’s madness re: “multiculturalism” since that former imagined he would secure the immigrant vote for the Conservatives. Little did he knew that would be the beginning of the end for Canada.

      As I’ve repeated here many times, multiculturalism means having less and less in common with more and more people. This is a particularly unattractive prospect as my wife and I enter our 50s and watch Canada turn into an Afro-Islamic-Caribbean-Asian nation. *sigh*

  • Cat-astrophe

    Really, no one should be shocked. The UN is the defacto world government already dictating what fuel we burn, so all the talk they do about wealth sharing, the ‘sharing’ of our good luck. We should not be blaming “just” Trudeau for this nonsense. (You know what I think of the Trudeau oligarchy )
    The UN changed from birth control in 3rd world countries to moving excess to western countries at the drop of the Twin Towers.
    I agree with ‘H’ below, Harper was in it neck deep, just not fast enough for the UN and it’s most useful tools.

  • simus1

    There are many and varied base motives for importing these fake refugees. The only common denominator is the huge bill that will be sent to productive taxpayers with a request for prompt payment.

  • LairdKintyre

    Stop using sensible arguments based on reason and logic against our feminist PM. The bottom line is he looks cool in selfies and when he hands out parkas. Don’t be such a downer. As Trudeau says things like the budget wiĺl balance themselves. And as Justin loves to say, “”don’t think. Just feel””

    • Viewer from afar

      I “feel” the Liberal Party of Canada is the party of wife-beating, misogyny and overall hatred of western culture, since their “vetting” of “refugees” selects for such ideas.

    • Marius K

      “he looks cool in selfies” the eye of beholder

      he looks really dumb in selfies, with confused eyes, neurotic smile, protruding conk , low line eyebrows and hey for hairs.

      All those selfies suppose to cover insecurities….. physical and mental.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator
  • lgeubank

    Trudeau is just a twerp. Like that Frenchie, Macron, and like Obama before them. We’re in the Age of the Twerps. Any nonsense or travesty is possible.