No Pause in Left-Wing Intimidation of Conservatives Post-Alexandria

Antifa agitators attack free-speech protesters, GOP candidate targeted with mock anthrax

Despite liberal pundits’ and politicians’ calls for civility in the wake of the targeted shooting of Republican legislators in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday, left-wing intimidation tactics — not to mention extreme rhetoric — continued unabated.

  • Gary

    I think this was the black bloc thugs in California that attacked a pro-Trump group.
    The thug on the left being held by the cop was in shock when they were grabbed to be arrested. It ended up that it was a female as part of the ruse to have the Cops assume they are looking for youth males.
    I had to laugh because she thought she could just walk away after beating a person because Obama and Hillary allowed it as did Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder . When the cop got a grip on her arm she gave tug to infer she wanted to go. But he held her tight and said she’s under arrest at which she said ” You can’t do that ” .
    Her swimming goggles came off and she spoke with a women’s voice.

    After the Berkeley riots I predicted that a few Mothers would be picking up their POS child at the morgue after these thugs go too far and the National Guard shows them a Kent State moment to cut them down as rabid savages thinking Obama is still in power.

    • Uncommunist

      Seems to me that antifa women are strategically positioned on the ‘front line’ along with other antifa members and then scream, “You’re attacking women”, should their victims attempt to defend themselves. I equate it with terrorists using schools and hospitals as hqs in a combat zone.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Sorry fuck heads.
    We are not the stupid conservatives who were swayed by your calls for civility.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If you don’t fight back you’re part of the problem.