Muslim groups in Germany at odds over planned anti-terrorism march

A row has broken out among organisations representing Muslims in Germany over a peace march to protest against terrorism due to take place at the weekend.

Red herring; terrorism distracts from their goal of worldwide Sharia.

  • Gary

    John Tory loves to boast about Diversity and how the 300,000+ muslims in Toronto are peaceful and reject jihad and ISIS.

    Nice try Mr. Rich white male . But the CBC reports on the jew-hating pro-hamas rallies where close to 3000 muslims show up ….yet the 2015 anti-ISIS rally held on a similar day and time at the same spot only had about 25 muslims show up which included about 4 that hosted the rally.

    Don’t give me the BS about a peaceful islam where terrorists hijacked it. Almost 300,000 muslims in Toronto took a stance to support ISIS by failing to condemn they and be at the rally.
    They sure are free to come out for a jew-hating rally that’s sanctioned by the quran.

  • But I thought this violence was the antithesis of Islam and that the majority of Muslims would gladly join a march like this.